RDA EU Early Career support Programme for the RDA 10th Plenary

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RDA Europe is offering travel support to Early Career European Researchers & Scientists working with Data to attend the 10th RDA Plenary meeting, to be held in Montrèal, Canada, 19-21 September 2017. 

At its 8th  edition, the RDA Europe Early Career programme has gone beyond its initial aim of introducing European early career researchers & scientists to RDA. In the last 4 years, it has become a platform for early career researchers working with data to share ideas, experience and practical advice, while learning what leading data scientists ad practitioners are currently working on. The programme has offered grant winners the opportunity to engage directly and support the work of RDA Working and Interest groups, to learn and contribute and become a part of the RDA global data sharing community. 

Meet this edition's grant winners 

Name & Surname Higher Education affiliation
Marta  Busse-Wicher University of Cambridge
Jānis  Daugavietis University of Latvia
Alexandre  De Masi University of Geneva
Marcel  Gangwisch Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
Jonathan  Mayes Newcastle University
Amy  Mizen Swansea University  
Ludovic  Moncla IRENav
Kobkaew  Opasjumruskit Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Boris  Radosavljevic University of Potsdam
Raminta  Zemaityte Vilnius University 



The successful applicants will be offered travel support to participate to the 10th RDA Plenary and will be:

  • requested to display a poster summarising their studies and areas of interest during the plenary meeting
  • assigned a working group for which they are requested to attend the working meeting at the Plenary meeting
  • asked to take notes and provide a summary of the meeting for internal use by the group members
  • requested to write a publishable summary on the meeting to be posted as a blog / news piece on the RDA web site, referencing the applicant as the author directly