RDA Council Elections, The Value of RDA for EOSC, DMP Community of Practice in Oceania: RDA March Newsletter is Out!

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28 Mar 2019

RDA Council Elections, The Value of RDA for EOSC, DMP Community of Practice in Oceania: RDA March Newsletter is Out!

In December 2018, the RDA Council Nominations Committee issued a call for nominations for three open Council positions.  In response to this call, several RDA members were nominated for consideration by the RDA community. The Nominations Committee reviewed these nominations and presented a slate of candidates to the RDA Community in March 2019. 


formal election process will take place between on 2 April (13:00 UTC) and ends 16 April (23:59 UTC) where all members will be asked to either accept or reject the appointment of this slate of candidates.  Results will be determined by a simple majority vote.


If approved, these candidates will join Council to serve a three-year (renewable) term. For more information on the role of RDA’s Council, visit https://www.rd-alliance.org/about-rda/our-leadership/rda-council.html


Vote for the 2019 Slate of Council Candidates from 2-16 April



The Value of the Research Data Alliance to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)

The Research Data Alliance’s vision is Researchers and innovators openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society


The objective of the EOSC is to give the European Union a global lead in research data management and ensure that European scientists reap the full benefits of data-driven science, by offering ‘1.7 million European researchers and 70 million professionals in science and technology a virtual environment with free at the point of use, open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data, across borders and scientific disciplines’.
Open Science is seen as a crucial component in advancing science and benefiting society , and sharing of Research Data is central to these aims.  RDA addresses this need for open and interoperable sharing of research data and builds the social, technical and cross-disciplinary links to enable such sharing on a global scale. Furthermore, the implementation of the EOSC as a “federated model that combines effectiveness and flexibility, primarily through the Research Infrastructures (including eInfrastructures)” will require seamless access to data and integration of services which implies standards.  RDA provides a neutral, global forum to further research innovation, efficiency and reproducibility. It facilitates socio-technical discussion and exchange by identifying best practices and standards for research data, tools and infrastructure. Read more



Data Management Plans (DMP) Community of Practice in Oceania

This Data Management Plans (DMP) Community of Practice is targeted at people in Australia and the wider Oceania region who are interested in discussing, building and improving data management plans (DMPs) best practice and technical tools. Liz Stokes from the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) will initially co-ordinate the group. The first meeting for 2019 is on Tuesday, 9 Apr 2019, 14:00 - 15:00 AEST. Read more





First RDA Output Adoption Webinar - Reproducible Health Research. Recording Now Available

As part of a series of webinars that aim to train stakeholders for adoption, this very first edition focused on the RDA outputs in Data Collection, Data Citation and Reproducible Health Data Services to support reproducible Health Research. The webinar aimed to highlight RDA outputs from the chairs and adopters point of view and facilitated discussion between the WG chairs, RDA adopters and webinar participants. The recording is now available from the webinar page here.


Services to Support FAIR Data: A Series of Three Workshops in Europe

OpenAIRE, RDA Europe, FAIRsFAIR and EOSC-hub are happy to announce a series of three workshops, two in April and one in September, called ‘Services to Support FAIR Data’.  The purpose of this workshop series is to explore how existing infrastructures can work together and understand how to deliver services that support the creation of FAIR research outputs. The first one is taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, during the EOSC-Hub Week, 8-12 April 2019.



NeIC2019 - Nordic Infrastructure for Open Science. 14 May, Copenhagen, Denmark

The NeIC conferences are organised biannually bringing together around 230 experts, researchers, policy makers, funders and national eIntrastructure providers from the Nordics and beyond. RDA Secretary General Hilary Hanahoe gives a presentation that "will address where the RDA community stands within the realm of open science and, specifically, the European Open Science Cloud. Does it support or just add another element of complexity?"


RDAP Summit 2019. 15-17 May. Miami, Florida

The 2019 Research Data Access and Preservation Summit will be at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL from May 15-17, 2019. The theme is Building Communities: how different communities are impacted by our systems, technology, values, and practices; who our communities are by and for; and data services examined through a critical lens.



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Recommendations & Outputs: 


Increasing the impact of RDA Outputs Across Organisations and Domains

RDA Recommendations and Outputs are important building blocks to achieve the RDA vision. To ensure that the value and impact is understood within and beyond the RDA community, we call on you to help the Secretariat to demonstrate this and inspire further uptake of RDA outputs. The following opportunities are open for the community