RDA Council Elections 2023 Results

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23 May 2023

RDA Council Elections 2023 Results

On Friday 12 May 2023 at 23.59 UTC the RDA Council Elections closed. The RDA global community were asked to vote for four new members to join the nine-person board, responsible for the Research Data Alliance global vision, strategy and organisational health.

The three new council members from the geographical area of “Europe and Africa” serving for a three-year term from 2023 – 2026 are Joyce Gosata Maphanyane, Wolfram Horstmann and Sarah Jones. The new council member elected for a 2-year term (2023-2025) from the geographical region of “The Americas” is Amy Nurnberger. I would like to congratulate all four candidates and I very much look forward to working with each of them.

The fifth candidate, Sayeed Choudhury, the second candidate for the region of “The Americas” was not elected due to balancing criteria[1]. I am truly grateful to Sayeed for standing for election and for his commitment to supporting the Research Data Alliance since its launch in 2013.

These new members will join the RDA Council on 23 May 2023. Joyce Gosata Maphanyane has already served one three-year term and we are delighted to have her remain on Council. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Sandra Collins and Edit Herczog who have served for six years on Council. They have been fundamental in supporting the strategy and vision of the Research Data Alliance during their term of office. I would also like to thank Robert Hanisch who served for four years representing “The Americas” and was instrumental in the definition of the financial sustainability plan for RDA in 2021.


Hilary Hanahoe, Secretary General, Research Data Alliance