RDA Chairs Cologne 19

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26 Jun 2019
Presentation to RDA Chairs mtg cologne June 26, 2109. Revised June 26 to show current TAB liaison for DMP Common Standards WG as Isabelle Perseil replacing Wenbo Chu . Revised June 27 to expand list of activities with complementary aims as: DMP Common Standards WG [Concluding in Helsinki] Chair (s): Tomasz Miksa, Paul Walk, Peter Neish | Secretariat Liaison: Lynn Yarmey | TAB Liaison:  Isabelle Perseil Active Data Management Plans IG [Reinvigorating in Helsinki] Chair (s): Kevin Ashley, John Chodacki, David Giaretta, Sarah Jones , Tomasz Miksa, | TAB Liaison: Jane Wyngaard DS Wizard (2019) & #activeDMPs Active machine-actionable DMPs (2017), California Digital Library project, funded by NSF EAGER AWARD #1745675 ezDMP project (2016), Columbia Univ Earth Institute | Rutgers | UIUC funded by NSF EAGER AWARDs: 1649545, 1649555, 1649703  DMPonline (DCC-UK) , the DMPTool  (CDL, 2011) & IEDA Data Management Plan (DMP) Tool (2011)

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