RDA August 2017 Newsletter: RDA ICT Technical Specifications, 10th Plenary programme online and the Open search for the new RDA Secretary General

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25 Jul 2017

RDA August 2017 Newsletter: RDA ICT Technical Specifications, 10th Plenary programme online and the Open search for the new RDA Secretary General

 Recommendations & Outputs

Supporting Public Procurement In Europe - 4 RDA Recommendations For Open Data Sharing Now Published As ICT Technical Specifications

RDA is pleased to announce the official publication of its first 4 Recommendations as ICT technical specifications.

The first wave of 4 RDA Recommendations has now been officially acknowledged as ICT Technical Specifications and published for referencing in public procurement as per Article 13 of Regulation 1025/2012 on European Standardisation https://ec.europa.eu/growth/industry/digital-transformation/ict-standard... The publication is a key milestone for RDA's contribution to making research data open, sharable and re-usable across technologies, disciplines, and countries. 

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 Open Search for Research Data Alliance Secretary General

The RDA Secretary General is a key position in the RDA whose responsibilities include leadership of RDA’s membership, effective management of the RDA organization, engagement with RDA stakeholders and organizations, and sustainable stewardship of a dynamic, active, and high-impact community. 

For this position RDA seeks a leader who is passionate and knowledgeable about the data community, an effective and strategic manager, a strong communicator, and a respected partner. Applicants from diverse backgrounds and all countries are welcome to apply for the position by September 15, 2017.  

More details regarding the position and how to apply 

 RDA for Disciplines: Linguistics

Data are fundamental to the field of linguistics. Examples drawn from natural languages provide a foundation for claims about the nature of human language, and validation of these linguistic claims relies crucially on these supporting data. Yet, while linguists have always relied on language data, they have not always facilitated access to those data. This disconnect between linguistics publications and their supporting data results in much linguistic research being unreproducible, either in principle or in practice. Without reproducibility, linguistic claims cannot be readily validated or tested, rendering their scientific value moot.

The Linguistics Data Interest Group (LDIG) became an endorsed RDA Interest Group in July 2017, with the aim of facilitating the development of reproducible research in linguistics. Read more about the RDA and Linguistics and the LDIG...

 RDA Europe Supports LIBER, CESAER, EUA, LERU And Science Europe In Their Statement On The EU Copyright Reform

RDA Europe wants to promote a European policy framework, which enables the implementation of RDA outputs. Supporting data movement across borders, sectors and disciplines is essential for growth and innovation. The Copyright reform plays a key role in how the growing volumes of data actually can, or cannot, be made usable to build a Data Economy - for the benefit of research, business and job creation in the Digital Single Market. The current European copyright regime needs to be updated to address the needs of the digital age.The EU Digital Single Market strategy, introduced in May 2015, should be comprehended as a broad, cross-cutting context in which promoting the free movement of data requires not only functioning infrastructure and practices, but also a supportive legislative basis.

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 RDA TAB Election 2017 - Update

As a result of a decision made at the last Council meeting in July 2017, the 2017 election to TAB will elect 5 members to replace the 4 who are rotating off after their 3 year terms are complete. The total number of TAB members will therefore increase to 13 after this year’s TAB Election. This process will also be followed in 2018 and 2019 to expand the total TAB size to 15.

Find out more about the membership and balancing criterion update

Ongoing Call for Nominations for the TAB  https://www.rd-alliance.org/call-nominations-rda-technical-advisory-boar... Deadline 15 August 2017.

 10th RDA Plenary - "Better Data, Better Decisions"

Programme Now Online - Breakout Sessions and collocated events

  Register now  - Early Bird registration ends 14 August, midnight EDT

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 Member spolight

Meet Mark Leggott, Executive Director of Research Data Canada | Données de recherche Canada, a initiative funded by CANARIE that is dedicated to developing capacity in Research Data Management in Canada.



Don't miss our upcoming webinar: 

 ► What is RDA and Why Should I attend the 10th Plenary in Montreal?  -  16 August 2017, 13:00 UTC

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 Open Request for Comments / Community review 

► RDA WG DMP Common Standards Case Statement. Open for comments until 4 August 2017.

► Disciplinary Collaboration Framework (DCF) IG Charter. Open for comments until 17 August 2017.

► Exposing Data Management Plans WG Case Statement Open for comments until 24 August 2017.

► Research Data Repository Interoperability Primer: Suggested Supporting Output from the Research Data Repository Interoperability WG. Open for comments until 31 August 2017


 Upcoming events 

Open Science FAIR 2017, 6-8 September 2017, Athens, Greece : 

RDA Meets Croatian Researchers, 24 October 2017, Zagreb, Croatia

CODATA: Global Challenges And Data-Driven Science, Saint Petersburg, 8 - 13 October 2017

Digital Infrastructure For Research DI4R2017, 30 November - 1 December 2017, Brussels, Belgium