The RDA and Oracle for Research: Collaboration to accelerate data-driven discovery

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The RDA and Oracle for Research: Collaboration to accelerate data-driven discovery
23 Feb 2023

The RDA and Oracle for Research: Collaboration to accelerate data-driven discovery

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) and Oracle for Research  are delighted to announce a special collaboration for the global research data community.

This landmark agreement, signed in January 2023, will run for 12 months and support the mission of RDA to build the social and technical bridges to enable open sharing and re-use of research data. Its aim is to accelerate the development of community-driven solutions across all technologies, disciplines, and countries. Facilitating and advancing open research and open science are common goals of the two organisations.

Private sector engagement is a strategic priority for RDA, and Oracle for Research support will facilitate activities taking place within RDA working groups. These volunteer-driven groups focus on the development of data standards and strategies for data publication, while addressing access and sharing challenges. The results of their activities are then made available to the public.

Hilary Hanahoe, RDA Secretary General, stated “This is an excellent opportunity for the global RDA community. Thanks to Oracle for Research, we can offer facilitation activities to ensure our volunteer community work is coordinated by a dedicated, independent RDA staff member, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of activities and outputs.”

Oracle views this innovative partnership with RDA as an opportunity to support the research community with enablement of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data practices and principles. This collaboration will allow Oracle to be a contributing thought leader for community-led data standardization, and in support of research resources optimization. Together, RDA and Oracle will help to build a research community to share discoveries in real-time for the benefit of future researchers, co-creation, data advancement, and researcher influenced technology development.

“RDA is an organization with shared values and goals, and this collaboration allows us to continue to support global research and create more open, accessible, and vibrant communities to drive scientific data-driven discovery forward,” said Alison Derbenwick Miller, Global Head and VP, Oracle for Research.

With RDA celebrating its 10-year anniversary, this collaboration with Oracle for Research reinforces its commitment to the open sharing and re-using of data among researchers and innovators to address the grand challenges of society.

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Hilary Hanahoe, Secretary General, Research Data Alliance |

Julia Allyn, Senior Director, Oracle |

About RDA

Established in 2013, the RDA is a global, consensus-based, community-driven organisation of over 13,000 individuals, 75 organisational members and over 35 regional networks from 148 countries, whose mission is to provide a platform to drive innovation surrounding data sharing and interoperability. The RDA enables data to be shared and re-used across geographical, technological and disciplinary boundaries, through outputs developed by groups and volunteer experts from around the world, and drawn from academia, the private sector and government. The global RDA community has produced over 200 flagship outputs and recommendations, openly available for adoption and implementation. For more information visit

About Oracle for Research

Oracle for Research offers products, capabilities, and resources purpose-built for research to simplify the research process and accelerate discovery around humanities’ most urgent needs. Through our research-first, partner-centric approaches, we make computing paradigms more powerful and user-friendly, data easy and accessible, and community resources invaluable and actionable. We help researchers in academic, commercial, non-profit, and federal settings, across all research disciplines, explore novel ways to achieve ground-breaking results to make the world a better place.


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