RDA 9th Plenary Joint meeting: WG Teaching TDM on Education and Skill Development, WG Data Science and data-related education and training certification and accreditation schemes

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Meeting title

Data-related research: skills and education

The reason for the joint session is that we see TDM as a key topic will benefit from certification and creditation of courses and we are looking for feedback on both working groups moving forward.

Groups: WG Teaching TDM on Education and Skill Development, WG Data Science and data-related education and training certification and accreditation schemes

Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the groups: 

Teaching TDM: on Education and Skill Development WG
Designing and road-testing a short course aimed at delivering practical, fit for purpose, career enhancing training on Text and Data Mining (TDM) for professionals across all areas seeking specific TDM skills and competences. 

Certification and Accreditation for Data Science Training and Education WG
The Certification and Accreditation analyses aims to map the landscape for delivering career-enhancing skills that will be fit for purpose across professional sectors and across academic disciplines.

Additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc

Teaching TDM on Education and Skill Development WG
The Case statement is available here
Meeting notes
The WG working documents include
- Course development learning outcomes
- (draft) survey online
- Roadmap for adoption
- Other resources 
background information on existing courses, educational materials (books, presentations etc), contacts etc

Certification and Accreditation for Data Science Training and Education WG
The Case statement is available here
Ongoing discussions available in wiki

Meeting objectives

The key objectives for the Plenary 9 meeting are twofold:
1. To raise awareness, brainstorm and gain insight what the target audience, course objectives, learning outcomes, and scope should be to achieve the WG purpose of developing a TDM course that will help improve TDM skills amongst the research community. 
2. To look, more broadly, into the challenges and opportunities for developing certification and accreditation for courses that come under the broader umbrella of data science particularly in the context of inter-disciplinary professional pathways. 


Meeting agenda

Brief presentation by the chairs of the two working groups followed by two focused discussions on the following topics :

First: WG TDM Brainstorm on the identified need for a TDM skills course and specify: 
● The scope: audience, skills gap and (pre)requirements 
● Course development: modules, learning outcomes, course materials 
● Course adoption: (RDA) groups and persons to liaison with, contacts and opportunities
● Next steps: questionnaire, grow the network

Second: WG Certification and Accreditation
● Agreeing on working definitions for Certification and Accreditation
● Identifying short term wins:
○ Examples of successful instances of both
○ Identifying related WGs etc.
● Explore long-term goals for both
○ How are professions created? Bodies, Charters etc.
● Identify external bodies that need to be involved to define professions, jobs, roles and importance of Certification and Accreditation.
● Establish sub-groups to contribute to the WG report

After the two discussions we will briefly sum up the outcomes for both working groups and decide on next steps.


We invite 
• Researchers from all disciplines;
• Educators and those involved in trainings and/or course development, (data) Scientists, practitioners;
• Librarians, repository managers;
• Management both in academia and industry, particularly with interests in career development and recruitment.

No preparation or prior knowledge is required

Group chairs serving as contacts: Freyja Vandenboom

Type of meeting: Working meeting