RDA 9th Plenary Joint meeting: IG Health Data, IG Big Data

Meeting title

Joint IG Big Data and IG Health Data Topics Exploration Meeting

Groups: IG Health Data, IG Big Data

Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the groups: 

The focus of the Health Data IG is on privacy and security in health data, data-based Healthcare for Personalised Medicine, and Health Data Organisations environment. The Big Data IG key activities is to produce a set of recommendation documents to advise diverse research communities with respect to share and work with big datasets.

Additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc

Morris Riedel, Applications of Clustering for Large-Scale Datasets, Research Data Alliance (RDA) Sixth Plenary Meeting, Big Data Interest Group Session, CNAM, Paris, France, 2015,Online: http://morrisriedel.de/sites/default/files/share/2015-09-25-RDA-BigData-...

Health Data IG, case statement, 
Online: https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/health-data/case-statement/health-data...

Big Data IG, group charter, Online: 

Meeting objectives

A key problem in exchanging big brain data tackled in big data IG is about security and privacy concerns that shall be discussed with approaches discussed within the Big Health IG. 

Many national activities like the Smart Data Innovation Lab (SDIL) in Germany have serious limitations since big health data sharing is hindered by privacy and security concerns especially in the area of personalized medicine. Both topics are discussed in the Health Data IG. One of the Big Data IG chairs is involved in SDIL in the data innovation community (DIC) personalized medicine (e.g. https://www.sdil.de/en/communities/medicine) where approaches have been contributed to the Big Data IG but where it make sense to discuss also solutions and practices beyond personalized medicine as well as privacy and security topics for making data available.

Meeting agenda

(1) Short overview of Health Data IG
(2) Short overview of Big Data IG
(3) Use Case: Big Brain Data Analytics within SDIL and beyond
(4) Solutions and Practices for Security and Privacy in Personalized Medicine
(5) Short statements from audience concerning lessons learned and valuable adopted practices
(6) Discussion to find a key focus in order to potentially kick-start a WG for a specific demand derived from use case and supported by privacy/security approaches in various projects and contribution by participants.
(7) Next Steps


The target audience is specifically focussed on sharing and working with big health datasets where data sharing is limited by privacy and security issues. The audience can prepare by preparing short statements and lessons learned from various projects concerning personalized medicine and best practices. Insights would be gathered from the audience if it make sense to create a WG with a specific goal of encouraging health big data sharing and its subsequent analysis. Members of national big data-related activities in medicine are particularly welcome.

Group chairs serving as contacts: Morris Riedel

Type of meeting: Working meeting