RDA 20th Plenary Wrap Up

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RDA 20th Plenary Wrap Up
05 May 2023

RDA 20th Plenary Wrap Up

RDA 20th Plenary Wrap Up 
In late March 2023 the Research Data Alliance celebrated its 10th Anniversary during the 20th Plenary Meeting. The Plenary returned to Sweden, where the RDA was first launched in March 2013. 
With the 20th Plenary now behind us, we want to share the summary of what work was undertaken over six months of planning, preparation and delivery. 

P20 Lessons Learned  
For the first time, after collecting attendees' feedback the RDA Secretariat decided to share the survey results with the community. Plenary meetings are important events, and we were eager to hear your opinion and feedback. The survey results were carefully processed and discussed, and we put it into a lesson learned report to be considered for the planning of future Plenary meetings.  

P20 Sessions Recordings Available to All 
All session recordings are downloaded and available to all. You can now revisit your favorite presentations or watch sessions you wanted to attend but simply didn’t have an opportunity back in March.   

P20 Highlights 
Following the Plenary our team gathered key statistics including session summaries, participant numbers and daily highlights. There is also a photo gallery capturing key moments across the three-day Plenary. 

Post-P20 Webinar Recordings 
On 20th April the RDA’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) successfully hosted a post-Plenary 20 webinar where they shared the takeaways of the Plenary’s breakout sessions and explored future steps.  

60-minute webinar recordings are now available to watch.