RDA 16th Plenary Meeting - RDA for Newcomers

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21 October 2020 2729 reads


At face-to-face Plenaries, RDA runs an RDA for Newcomers session just prior to the start of the Plenary. The aim of the session is to help participants new to RDA to understand a bit about how RDA works, assist them in navigating the Plenary, and provide an opportunity for networking.

However, as Plenary 16 will be a Virtual Plenary, attendees will not be coming together in the same location and time zone, so we will run two virtual sessions to accommodate different time zones.

RDA for Newcomers VP16 sessions are planned for:



Agenda - Session 1 - Slides available

Further pointers mentioned in the session:

  • Early Career and Engagement Interest Group - The purpose of the Early Career and Engagement Interest Group (ECEIG) is to provide a focal point for Early and Mid-Career Researchers and Professionals (yes, students are welcome, too!) They have a volunteer mentoring programme and many other great efforts. 


Agenda - Session 2:

  • Welcome to RDA and RDA Governance - Hilary Hanahoe, RDA Secretary General
  • How RDA works - Yolanda Meleco, RDA Communications Manager
    • Working and Interest Groups
    • Outputs, Recommendations and Adoption
    • How to make the most of the RDA Virtual Plenary 
  • Perspectives from different RDA members: Amy Nurnberger, Hugh Shanahan, Elli Papodopoulou
  • Further conversations and networking with RDA members


Further Information about RDA


  • This video gives you a tour of the RDA Website:


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email the RDA Secretariat at enquiries[at]rd-alliance.org