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29 October 2020 2835 reads

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Scheduled Networking Events

Random Networking Events take place throughout the week

Amigos’ Time: Costa Rica Trivia Session

Monday, 9 November 7-7:30pm UTC

Session Lead: Yuhan (Douglas) Rao, North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies

Even though we cannot all meet in Costa Rica, we can still learn some fun facts about the country! Join this live session to learn more about this green country.

Part of the fun of traveling for conferences is to learn about the local place. We know many of our RDA-ers are disappointed that we cannot meet in-person in Costa Rica this year. That is why we want to bring Costa Rica to you! In this trivia session, we have a set of fun questions to help you learn more about this sustainable country. Just a quick teaser, do you know that 99.62% (as of 2019) of Costa Rica’s electricity was generated from green sources? Join us in this live trivia session to learn more about the country!

Amigos’ Time: How do we achieve a healthy balanced life when working from home?

Tuesday, 10 November 1:30-2 am UTC

Session Lead:  Stephanie Hagstrom, RDA-US

What are you doing to create balance in your life? This ½ hour social event will be a time for us to gather informally and share what we are doing to adapt and what we are doing to help create some balance in our lives.

Many of us are accustomed to working away from home, meeting our colleagues in person, enjoying downtime while commuting, having family members at work or school, and unplugging while traveling for business. The past 9 months have disrupted our routines and presented challenges for many of us, especially when it comes to mental and physical health. We have adapted (or not) by making changes in the way we go about our lives. We will exchange ideas for work/life balance and well-being. 

Community Tribute

Wednesday 11 November 4:30 pm UTC

View the Sponsor area for more information.


Amigos’ Time: Share a book you would recommend to others

Wednesday 11 November 1:30-2 am UTC

Session Lead: Barbara Bordalejo, University of Saskatchewan

Pick a book, any book, to recommend to your colleagues and make friends in the process.

Although one might have many favorite books, there are some that we wish we could give our friends, family, and colleagues as a present. Think of books that you have recommended to others before or ones you would recommend now. Any suggestions are welcome, from fiction to non-fiction, poetry, genre, or classics. Come share your choices in an informal chat and let’s get to know each other a little better.


Wednesday, 11 November 6:30-8 pm UTC

Session Lead: Stephen Diggs, University of California, San Diego

A Do-a-Thon is a work-sprint focused on specific projects where groups come together to move a project forward. You may submit an idea at the link below or just show up to help with another project. Tired of talking about a problem? Want to do something about it? Building off the concept of a hackathon, a Do-a-Thon is a work-sprint where people from different skill sets work together and collaborate on different challenges and projects. Bring your ideas for a focused project to be addressed, or questions to be answered with the help of other RDA participants. Ideas will be selected by consensus, and working groups will be formed to tackle the project in collaboration with other RDA attendees.

Please suggest your Do-A-Thon project here: https://forms.gle/HD8KPy9m41hok8NTA


Amigos’ Time: RDA Snacks

Wednesday, 11 November 1:30-2 am UTC

Session Lead: Shawna Sadler, ORCID

Curious about the snacks people have brought to RDA? Join our session to share your snack ideas and find inspiration from others in this fun time to socialize with other RDA participants.

Amigos’ Time: Share favorite recipes and cooking tricks

Thursday, 12 November 7-7:30 pm UTC

Session Lead: Barbara Bordalejo, University of Saskatchewan

What tricks and recipes have you learned since March? Come and exchange ideas and renew your repertoire.

After the pandemic put people in quarantine, yeast and flour became very difficult to find. A host of home bakers took to making their own sourdough while trying different techniques to make the crust thick and golden. Trapped inside we watched the great series of bakery shows and anything related to cooking. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat proved to be the perfect mixture between travel and cooking people were craving. Tell us the cookery tricks you have learned. In cooking, there is always more than one way to do everything, but many are still trying to perfect their poached eggs. Molecular cuisine fans are welcome too! 

Random Networking Events at P16 

Watch the StreamPoint Chat and your email for random networking events taking place during the RDA Plenary 16 Week.  


Photo Contest - "Knowledge Ecology"

Session Leads: Ana Heredia, ORCID and Ana Cardoso, ORCID

Call for all photo lovers! We'll have a photo contest with the topic "Knowledge Ecology".  We encourage you to express your creativity through an image and have fun!

Upload your photo here, can be more than one. Be sure that before you upload your photo you rename your picture as follows: name_lastname 

The winner will be announced on Thursday the 12th. Vote for your favorite photo hereIn the survey, please only add the number in the name of the photo (which we will be labeling).

Virtual 5K Race Event Contest

Session Leads: Yuhan (Douglas) Rao, North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies and Jamie Petta, RDA-US

Are you tired of sitting in front of the computer for too long for the RDA Plenary? Join your peer RDA-ers for a fun virtual race at your home! 

We all need a break from the computer in this virtual conference environment. What is better than running/walking around your neighborhood and maybe chat with your neighbors along the way? In this virtual 5K race, you can choose your own field, such as your backyard, a local park, streets near your house, etc. Just run or walk for a distance of your desire and take pictures or video to document your fun run/walk and share with your peer RDA-ers. You can submit your entry of pictures/video, distance, and path. We will choose multiple winners of the virtual 5k winners based on the distance and/or creativity! This fun activity is not about the speed, it’s about self-care in a virtual environment. We all need to be reminded to be active. Be creative, be fun, and be well!

Upload your "5K" video or photos here: https://forms.gle/D1m5cR8CdDn82uDc8. If you are having trouble uploading your photos or video, please email to yrao@terpmail.umd.edu.