RDA 15th Plenary - Outputs and Adoption Session

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13 February 2020 502 reads

Date: 19 March 2020

Time: 09:00 - 11:00

This session will demonstrate RDA’s wide variety of adoptable (and adopted) Recommendations, which were developed to address the numerous challenges experienced by the international data community.

Organised around the six main research data lifecycle themes, working and interest group chairs, adopters, RDA ambassadors and RDA grant project leaders will share their expertise in developing, implementing and adopting these Recommendations. The session will also enable attendees with experience in the development of related solutions to share the results of their work.

Structured similarly to the format used at Plenary 14 in Helsinki, the session will have a marketplace feel, enabling attendees to visit the data life cycle “markets” most relevant to them and engage with the RDA representatives for those areas to gain a better understanding of the RDA Recommendations that compliment those markets, learn next steps in implementing those solutions in their own projects, and/or sharing information about work you’ve been involved with that could compliment or enhance RDA’s Recommendations.