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You've done the work. Now it's time to shine! The 11th RDA Plenary meeting will be having a Poster Session which will give you the opportunity to showcase your work to your peers, members of the RDA community.

Take this opportunity to speak about your work while contributing to consolidate an environment of open collaboration and knowledge exchange. Past poster sessions have successfully facilitated the sharing of ideas and updates on various research and project developments and have put their works in the spotlight. It's also a great opportunity to unveil your project and research results and successful outcomes with the RDA's engaging community of computer scientists, policy makers, data practitioners, and researchers as well as private sector representatives. 

Poster Sessions aren't just sideline events. The sessions offer high visibility and opportunities for interaction and feedback from the attendees as they are set in a prominent area during the Plenary meeting lunch and coffee breaks. 

The posters are scheduled to be on display in a high visibility area during the Plenary lunch and coffee breaks from the 21st  to the 23rd March 2018. The 2 rounds of posters as scheduled below
Session 1 - posters on display from March 21st (09:00 CET) to 22nd March (11:00 CET)
Session 2 - posters on display from March 22nd (11:30 CET) to 23rd March (13:30 CET)

Please remember that posters should be in vertical format with dimensions of 70cm x 100cm and must be printed and delivered directly by applicants.


Session 1 - posters on display from March 21st (09:00 CET) to 22nd March (11:00 CET)
No.  Poster Title Name & surname Affiliation
1 Data Rescue/Data-At-Risk Survey: A need to preserve and archive physical environmental data Alia Khan University of Colorado - Boulder, National Snow and Ice Data Center
2 Data Description Registry Interoperability Model Amir Aryani Australian National Data Service
3 DATA.awi.de: A one-stop-shop solution for discovery and dissemination of heterogeneous scientific information Ana Macario Alfred-Wegener-Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Science
4 Research Data Management for the Collaborative Research Centre 1187, "Media of Cooperation" Annette Strauch -
5 VIEWER.awi.de: Visualization and analysis solutions for near real-time, delayed-mode and archived data Antonie Haas Alfred-Wegener-Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Science
6 The Life Cycle of Structural Biology Data: A discipline with a culture of sharing Antonio Rosato University of Florence
7 The PhenoMeNal Cloud Research Environment for Metabolomics Antonio Rosato University of Florence
8 Discovering Research Data Links via GESIS LOD Research Graph Benjamin Zapilko GESIS
9 The CESSDA ERIC Persistent Identifier Policy Brigitte Hausstein GESIS Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences
10 The BonaRes infrastructure for open soil and agricultural research data I: basis for efficient data access and reuse Nikolai Svoboda Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)
11 Delivering Dimensions: Connecting data across the research lifecycle Catherine Williams Dimensions
12 LASP’s Data Systems group Chris Pankratz, Anne Wilson LASP, CU-Boulder
13 Data citation - Practical implementation RDA Pilot for Dynamic Data Citation for NetCDF files Chris Schubert Climate Change Centre Austria - Data Centre
14 Technologies and Methods Used at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) to Serve Solar Irradiance Data Christopher K. Pankratz Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA
15 B2FIND - Making Research Data FAIR Claudia Martens Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum [DKRZ]
16 Workflows, Metadata and Tools for Reusable Research Data Cristina Ribeiro INESC TEC—Engineering Faculty, University of Porto
17 The MEDE Data Science Cloud: Data Science for Materials Scientists and Engineers David Elbert Johns Hopkins University
18 Towards the Development of Useful and Internationally Relevant RDA Indigenous Data Governance Recommendations Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear Univeristy of Arizona and Univeristy of Waikato
19 The TIA-TDAC Framework Devan Ray Donaldson Indiana University
20 Opaque Data Citation: Actual Citation Practice and Its Implication for Tracking Data Use Elizabeth Moss Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
21 UniLLAP: Introducing Research Data Management into the German university curriculum Emanuel Soeding Kiel University
22 DataWiz: A Smart Assistant for Data Management in Psychology Erich Weichselgartner Leibniz-Institute for Psychology Information
23 Data "FAIRness" Test Fernando Aguilar IFCA
24 eXtreme-DataCloud: Dealing with large and heterogeneous datasets on the cloud Fernando Aguilar IFCA
25 Understanding Researchers Practices around Software Yasmin AlNoamany UC Berkeley
26 Privacy by design services and DataTags Francisco Romero Pastrana University of Groningen
27 Using Linked Data Infrastructure to identify related Research Data Günther Neher University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
28 Exploration of cost factors to estimate resource requirements of FAIR research data management Harald Kusch1, Stefanie Wache1, Inga Kraus1, Valeria Savin1, Claudia Engelhardt2, Sven Bingert3 1University Medical Center Göttingen, 2Göttingen State and University Library (SUB), 3Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung (GWDG)
29 The Austin Principles of Data Citation in Linguistics Helene N. Andreassen UiT The Arctic University of Norway
30 Standard Reference Data in Korea; - Works from 27 Data Centers in 2017 Hyun Kyoon Lim Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
31 Steps towards integrated Research Data Management training practices at Kaunas University of Technology Ieva Ceseviciute, Gintare Tautkeviciene and Andrius Krisciunas Kaunas University of Technology
32 Publishing Digital Three-Dimensional Data: A Project Update Jamie Wittenberg Indiana University
33 Protection of Personal Data in Research Data Management Jan Ullmer Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
34 A minimum information framework for small Unmanned Aircraft System data collections Jane Wyngaard Centre for Research Computing, University of Notre Dame
35 RDM in a decentralized University ecosystem – A case study of the University of Cologne Jens Dierkes University and City Library, University of Cologne
36 Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO) Jochen Klar Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP)
37 Reproducibility Begins at Home: Surveying Data Management Practices in Neuroimaging John Borghi California Digital Library
38 Support Your Data: A Data Management Guide for Researchers John Borghi California Digital Library
39 Getting through the maze - reusable strategies and tools for research data management Katarzyna Biernacka Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
40 Making data typing efforts or automatically detecting data types for automatic data processing? Kei Kurakawa National Institute of Informatics


Session 2 - posters on display from March 22nd (11:30 CET) to 23rd March (13:30 CET)
No. Poster title Name & Surname Affiliation
41 Enabling and fostering reuse of scientific data: A Metadata Concept for the Helmholtz Association Kirsten Elger GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
42 Delivering Data Packages for Discovery and Preservation Leighton Christiansen National Transportation Library, U.S. Department of Transportation
43 Implementing the U.S. DOT Freight Data Dictionary Leighton Christiansen National Transportation Library, U.S. Department of Transportation
44 Implementing a Cross-Institutional Staffing Model for Curating Research Data Lisa Johnston University of Minnesota
45 Building a framework for social media data reuse in public health research Lorinette Wirth Saint Louis University
46 CEDAR: Web-Based Tools for Accelerating the Creation of Standardized Metadata Mark Musen Stanford University
47 Standard Protocols, Standard Tools: Reaping the Benefits Markus Demleitner GAVO
48 The creation of a new type of scientific deposit: Software Morane Gruenpeter Software Heritage
49 EOSCpilot.eu - Supporting the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Nicholas Ferguson Trust-IT Services / EOSCpilot.eu
50 Chemotion: versatile research data management in chemistry using Open Source software Nicole Jung Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
51 The BonaRes infrastructure for open soil and agricultural research data II: use case “Long-term Field Experiment data” Carsten Hoffmann Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)
52 DASHBOARD.awi.de: Streaming and monitoring solutions for near real-time data Peter Gerchow Alfred-Wegener-Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Science
53 Stakeholders in Software Citation: Lessons learned from the GRASS GIS community Peter Löwe Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW)
54 Economic Modelling of the Level of Organizational Innovativeness Raminta Zemaityte Vilnius university
55 The Global Long Term Experiments Network for Agriculture Richard Ostler Rothamsted Research
56 Characterizing Data Quality Assessments for Socioeconomic Data Robert Downs Columbia University, Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)
57 bwDIM - Data In Motion Robert Ulrich Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
58 SENSOR.awi.de: Management of heterogeous and dynamic platforms and sensors using OGC standards Roland Koppe et al. Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research
59 IRB Recommendations for Metadata Best Practices: Documenting Rights & Licensing Information for Sharing Sensitive & Private Data: Sam Grabus Drexel University
60 EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure Sara Garavelli Trust-IT Services / EUDAT CDI
61 PROMINENCE – Fusion on the Cloud Shaun de Witt, Giuseppe Fiameni Culham Centre for Fusion Energy / CINECA
62 Real-time Implementation and Verification of Variable Speed Limit Signs Shefang Wang Iowa State University-Institute for Transportation
63 Enabling FAIR Data in the Earth and Space Sciences Though Community Partnerships Shelley Stall American Geophysical Union
64 NBDC - as a central infrastructure for data repository and portal for open life science data in Japan Shigeru Yatsuzuka National Bioscience Database Center
65 RAiD: Persistent Identifiers for Projects and the Research Data Life Cycle Siobhann McCafferty RDS (Research Data Services, Australia)
66 ENES Climate Analytics Service (ECAS) Sofiane Bendoukha Deutsches Klimarechenzentrums (DKRZ)
67 PANGAEA® - Data Publisher for Earth and Environmental Science Stefanie Schumacher, Amelie Driemel, Astrid Cornils, Hannes Grobe Alfred Wegener Institute, PANGAEA
68 Project SynFo - Synergy Creation on the Operational Level of Research Data Management Stella Thoben Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel
69 ePIC - Persistent Identifier Services for eResearch Sven Bingert GWDG
70 Plying Diverse Data: A Study of Weaving Visual Life Oral Histories Collections through Flexible Digital Infrastructures Vivian Wong University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
71 Sharing and re-using individual participant-level data (IPD) from clinical trials Wolfgang Kuchinke Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf
72 StandICT.eu - Supporting European Experts Presence In International Standardisation Activities In ICT Wolfgang Ziegler Fraunhofer SCAI
73 Shouting at the Waves: Social Media and Open Science RDA Fellowship Study Frances Bachstein University of Tennessee; DataONE
74 Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation (CS3DP): A Collaborative Project to Make 3D Data Last Aaron Addison Washington University in St. Louis



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