RDA 11th Plenary Joint meeting: IG Agricultural Data (IGAD), IG Data Discovery Paradigms, IG ELIXIR Bridging Force, WG BioSharing Registry: connecting data policies, standards & databases in life sciences, IG Repository Platforms for Research Data

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27 December 2017 2523 reads

Meeting title:

Implementing the FAIR Principles in the agricultural domain (Remote Access Instructions)

Collaborative session notes:



  • IG Agricultural Data (IGAD),
  • IG Data Discovery Paradigms,
  • IG ELIXIR Bridging Force,
  • WG BioSharing Registry: connecting data policies, standards & databases in life sciences,
  • IG Repository Platforms for Research Data

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group(s)

Formed in 2013, since its inception the Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) has grown in community strength to over 170 members, becoming one of the Research Data Alliance’s most prominent Thematic Groups. IGAD is a domain-oriented group working on all issues related to global agriculture data. It represents stakeholders in managing data for agricultural research and innovation, including producing, aggregating and consuming data. Beyond this IGAD promotes good practices in research with regard to data sharing policies, data management plans, and data interoperability, and it is a forum for sharing experiences and providing visibility to research and work in agricultural data. One of IGAD’s main roles is to serve as a platform that leads to the creation of domain-specific Working Groups. To date, four successful Working Groups have been formed under IGAD – Wheat Data Interoperability, Rice Data Interoperability, AgriSemantics and On-Farm Data Sharing , all playing an active role at the most recent RDA 10 in Montreal (Canada).

The ELIXIR Bridging Force Interest Group is formed to serve as a bridge between ELIXIR and relevant RDA Interest Groups, e.g. those on agricultural data, big data analysis, federated identity management, marine data, structural biology, toxicogenomics, and data publishing. Furthermore, ELIXIR will interact with relevant infrastructures outside Europe, e.g. NCBI.

The Repository Platforms for Research Data Interest Group focuses on the collection of experiences with selecting, implementing, and using specific research data repository platforms/products across institutions and domains, with reference to the aforementioned functional requirements. From this, the IG may identify potential gaps between needs and solutions in the current research data repository environment, and will seek opportunities to propose the formation of new RDA working groups to address them.

The objectives of the Data Discovery Paradigms interest group are to provide a forum where representatives from across the spectrum of stakeholders and roles pertaining to data search can discuss issues related to improving data discovery. The goal is to identify concrete deliverables such as a registry of data search engines, common test datasets, usage metrics, and a collection of data search use cases and competency questions.

Meeting objectives

The FAIR principles describe the characteristics that data need to have to be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. However, they don’t tell how to make data have these characteristics.
In collaboration with the RDA FAIRsharing, ELIXIR and Repository platforms groups, the Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) would like to bring up for discussion the implementation of the FAIR Principles and challenges in the agricultural domain at the RDA Plenary Meeting in Berlin 2018. The aim of this joint session is to discuss practical questions such as:

What does it mean to make data FAIR?
What tools and methods?
What incentives?
Success stories?
What have other IG/WGs produced to date that address FAIR?

Meeting agenda





11h00 - 11h20


Opening by IGAD chairs: main conclusions and key lessons from the IGAD pre-meeting dedicated to FAIR data in agriculture

11h20 - 11h40

FAIRsharing and the FAIRmetrics.org

Speaker: Susanna-Assunta Sansone

Title: FAIRsharing and FAIRmetrics

11h40 - 12h00


Speaker: Rob Hooft

Title: ELIXIR and its plant breeding use case

12h00 - 12h20

Data Discovery Paradigms IG

Speaker: Siri Jodha S. Khalsa

Title: Research Data: Recommendations from the DDPIG for finding it and making it findable

12h20 - 12h30


Q/A and closing remarks

Additional links to informative material related to the participating groups



Target audience:

Policy makers on Data management in Agriculture
Government representatives, funders, representatives of international agencies – UN, EU etc
Agriculture domain experts, researchers, academicians
Data providers, data publishers
Data managers, data mining experts, data analysts
Librarians, data curators

Group chair serving as contact person: Esther Dzale Yeumo Kabore

Type of meeting: Working meeting

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