RDA – Biodiversity Data Integration Interest Group

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27 March 2014 2524 reads
RDA 3rd plenary meeting – breakout session 5
Thursday, 27 March 2014 – 15:30-17:00 – room 525
Chairs: Yde de Jong, Nicola Nicolson, Vince Smith
Draft agenda
1. Welcome & introductions
2. Discuss the relevance of a RDA Biodiversity IG
- Biodiversity is broad and heterogynous domain (in itself), linked to many areas, like culture/heritage, science/research, collections, languages, observations, geography, informatics, literature/libraries, history, land-use, health care, agriculture, pest control, economics, nature policy, and so on. In this context tackling common issues on using biodiversity data is a cross-domain challenge.
- Based on some special features, biodiversity research could guide other domains on certain integration topics, like developing a next generation names infrastructure, moving from a specific to a generic perspective, taking care about implementing relevant best practises from other RDA Interest Groups and including nomenclatural practices from other domains.
- Quite some cross-connections with other IGs/WGs are already identified (e.g. on controlled vocabularies, persistent identifiers, data management, publishing, meta-data, etc.) proceeding from existing efforts, which could be further supported providing a liaison to relevant researchers, projects and use-cases.
3. Potential Working Groups having a broader (cross-domain) relevance:
a. Global Names Architecture
b. Standardisation of web services for e-Science application
c. Enabling and optimising workflows and workbenches for linked open-data research
d. Optimising text mining routines for data discovery
e. Data annotation and re-use (~big data)
4. Potential WG management:
a. Stimulate young researchers on taking a lead in WGs chairing.
b. Funding model: connect to national funding (EC proposal drafting), COST actions, liaison with institutes and agencies. Others?
c. Participation model: mandate from major initiatives on addressing issues of common interest within WGs (LifeWatch, EU BON, GBIF). How to get this on their agenda?
5. Other business: what should further be on the agenda of the BDI IG?
6. Conclusions on the relevance of the RDA BDI IG.