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    To reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding of a research community’s storage requirements, or of a storage provider’s service.
    To facilitate dialogue between a research community and multiple storage providers, and between a storage provider and multiple research communities.
    To maximise the scientific output of a research community with a fix budget by allowing them to use the cheapest storage that supports their requirements and to automate data management tasks that are predictable.


    The organisations responsible for procuring storage capacity for researchers that either work with sufficiently large amount of data that storing it themselves is impractical, or that form a distributed community using distributed resources. Such organisations are often universities and other research institutes.
    Storage technology providers (vendors and developers) that create storage solutions for research communities.
    Storage providers that offer a service to multiple research communities.
    Brokers that allow research communities to discover the best storage provider for storing their data.
    Agents that provide an enhanced storage service by aggregating resources from multiple storageproviders.
    Public organisations that procure data storage.
    Anyone with archival responsibility.

    Provide a common vocabulary that may be used by both researcher communities and storage providers, or by storage service providers and storage technology providers (vendors and developers) to:
    • Describe the Quality of Service the researchers expect and that the storage providers will deliver. The vocabulary may be used both within documents (such as SLAs) and computer interactions (both person-to-computer and computer-to-computer).
    • Describe known, predicable transitions that data will undergo throughout its life-cycle so that a research community may delegate responsibility for managing such transitions.

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  • Group Type: Historical Group
  • Group Status: Withdrawn
  • Co-Chair(s): Mikael Borg, Paul Millar, Nicholas Car

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