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    Amrita Sadivaiyal Vyavasayam Kulu, a group comprising of twenty farmers,
    belonging to the tribal community of Irulas, initiated organic farming at
    Sadivaiyal, a tribal hamlet in the suburbs of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
    This paper explores the case of organic agriculture in a tribal village in
    Tamil Nadu. Amrita SeRVe is an initiative launched by the Mata
    Amritanadamayi Math. One of its main objectives is to motivate farmers
    to make the transition to organic agriculture and hand-hold / mentor
    them as they make the switch.Amrita SeRVe (Self Reliant Village project)
    planned and helped the farmers from tillage, collection of seeds,
    preparation of manures and pesticides, introduction of technological
    innovations, modern methods in production and processing of raw
    materials till the marketing of products. This experiment  tried at Sadivaiyal
    united the farmers in a pristine culture of sharing, caring, protecting and
    selling paddy together. This empowered them to know and bargain for
    their rights. This was clearly demonstrated in their farming practices,
    done without any instance of money-lending or of borrowing loans from

    Keywords:  Organic Farming, Convergence Method, tribal hamlet, Bhavani rice, Tamil
                         Nadu, Sustainable development, Organic rice production, panchagavya,
                         jivamritham, mulching.


    Program Manager, Amrita SeRVe, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Amritapuri Campus, Kerala, India. Email: krsreeni72@gmail.com

    Article Received on: 06-10-2018                            Accepted on: 18-04-2019


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  • Group Type: Historical Group
  • Group Status: Withdrawn
  • Co-Chair(s): N MEERA SHAIK, Ramil Mauleon, Pierre LARMANDE

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