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    This interest group seeks to advance and enable reproducibility in research based on or producing datasets that require code. Our goals are to build bridges with the many RDA external efforts addressing reproducibility, doing so in coordination with the other RDA Working and Interest Groups where appropriate. Our efforts may also produce Working Groups that can develop recommendations and solutions.

    At the 20 th Plenary in Gothenburg, Limor Peer and Tom Honeyman co-organized a well-attended session on Computational Reproducibility: What’s Next for RDA? in which the question of reinstating the Reproducibility IG was posed to the community. A primary goal of the session was to gauge the interest in computational reproducibility and in an Interest Group on the topic among RDA members. We also invited a distinguished panel of speakers to share their work on reproducibility outside RDA as a way of mapping the landscape and illustrating the potential role the IG can play as a mechanism for bridging between these and related RDA efforts. As we summarized in the notes, the conversation indicated that there appears to be value in establishing a coordinating function within the RDA, likely through reestablishing the historical Reproducibility IG; that there are many external efforts, and RDA internal efforts that need to be taken into consideration; and that if there was a clear point of entry into RDA activities around reproducibility, it would be much easier to align RDA efforts with external efforts.


    Download the full Charter to read the IG’s focus and objectives 



    Limor PeerLauren CadwalladerTom HoneymanMandy Gooch





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  • Group Type: Interest Group
  • Group Status: recognised-and-endorsed
  • Co-Chair(s): Limor Peer, Lauren Cadwallader, Tom Honeyman, Mandy Gooch

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