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    This is a working area dedicated to the RDA activities, updates and events in UK.


    Feel free to register by clicking on the Join link on the right. You will be automatically subscribed to the group mailinglist and will receive all RDA UK updates. To unsubscribe from the emails you will need to visit the mailing list subscription page at https://www.rd-alliance.org/mailinglist.


    Don’t hesitate to share your own via the posts to the mailinglist or group calendar.




    Adoption Stories (UK)


    Node Highlights

    • The RDA UK node has built on an established and engaged membership, seeing 40% community growth since March 2018 to July 2020 (March 2018 – 674 members. 30 September 2020 – 944 members).
    • The UK node has engaged with organisations/projects such as EOSC, OpenAIRE, FAIRSharing, FREYA, UKRI, Royal Society, Wellcome Trust, and the British Library. There have been three successful, well attended workshops  – an introduction to the node, a joint workshop with FREYA on Persistent Identifiers, and a joint workshop with OpenAIRE on open science and EOSC.
    • Four adoption stories have been submitted by UK members.
    • There have been discussions between UKRI and Jisc on the coordination of UK International Open Science Activities between UKRI, Jisc and the Royal Society related to EU and global activities in RDA, CODATA, WDS, OECD, etc.
    • Jisc and UKRI-STFC have promoted the work of the RDA UK and are currently working with the DCC on the planning and preparation for Plenary 17, which should highlight the contribution of UK members to RDA international activities.
    • There are seven UK participations in high profile RDA roles.
    • Juan Bicarregui  has participated in Organisational Assembly and Organisational Advisory Board meetings, and represented RDA on the EOSC Executive Board.


    Node starter kit
    RDA Europe Node programme materials

    RDA general materials

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