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  • Group Focus: Data Management
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  • Group Description

    The Neuroimaging Data WG fulfils the RDA’s mission to build the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing and re-use of data in the domain of neuroimaging. The WG envisions a neuroimaging research landscape in which knowledge is generated in a reproducible fashion (in terms of data, analysis and computation) and coupled with the ability to reuse and extend these studies by others in the community. We aim to shift the way neuroimaging research is performed and reported, with the development and implementation of technology that supports reproducibility at the levels of data management, analysis and utilisation for both within- and between-lab opportunities, including the use of widely distributed and/or large populations to address basic and clinical research questions. In short, the ReproNim vision is to help neuroimaging researchers: Find and Share data in a FAIR fashion (discover resources); Comprehensively describe their data and analysis workflows (describe research processes); and Manage their computational resource options (do analysis).

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  • Group Type: Working Group
  • Group Status: recognised-and-endorsed
  • Co-Chair(s): Etienne Roesch

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