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    This internal task force focuses on assessing different aspects of RDA membership, with a particular focus on individual membership of RDA. In brief, the objectives of the task force are:

    1. Review and make recommendations with regard to individual and organisational RDA membership, with the goal of contributing significantly to the financial sustainability of the RDA and specifically the RDA Foundation.

    2. Do so without significant negative impact to the RDA.

    Task Force Members:

    Kevin Ashley
    Sandra Collins (Task Force Chair)
    Jason Haga
    Hilary Hanahoe
    Natalie Harrower
    Sarah Jones
    Mark Leggott
    Devika Madalli 
    Leslie McIntosh Borrelli
    Raphael Ritz
    Bridget Walker (Secretariat)

    RDA Membership Task Force Google Folder – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NyT8FURyhRlg2OtzyWoHx4I4R1i-zc4Z

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