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    The purpose of the Early Career and Engagement Interest Group (ECEIG) is to provide a focal point for Early and Mid-Career Researchers and Professionals, including those involved in various RDA-related fellowships and Early Career programs.

    While other efforts exist in RDA to support Early Career Researchers and Professionals, such as the RDA-US and RDA-EU fellowship programs, the RDA ECEIG seeks to complement existing efforts by (i) building a peers network, (ii) maintaining a “live” document of advice for Early Career Researchers and Professionals and (iii) creating opportunities for formal and informal mentoring within RDA.

    Specifically, objectives of this IG are to:

    1. Focus on Early Career Researchers and Professionals because they need the most support

    2. Establish a volunteer-based mentoring progam 3. Network across domains to establish an interdisciplinary network of peers

    4. Provide a space for people who have more experience with RDA to pass on knowledge and lessons learned to Early Career Researchers and Professionals

    5. Create a social outlet specifically for Early Career Researchers and Professionals

    To find out more, please view the IG Charter and leave your comments below. 


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  • Group Type: Interest Group
  • Group Status: recognised-and-endorsed
  • Co-Chair(s): Devan Ray Donaldson, Fotis Psomopoulos, Elli Papadopoulou, Maria Tsagiopoulou

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