Preserving Scientific Annotations - RDA 12th Plenary Meeting

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02 July 2018 1100 reads

BoF meeting title

Preserving Scientific Annotations (Remote Access Instructions)

Meeting room: Serondela 3 

Collaborative session notes: 

Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

A 2017 IIIF digital preservation working group comprising Bodleian Library, CERN, Data Futures Westminster and Stanford Library has redelivered vulnerable historic annotation investments on to new long-term supportable platforms such as Invenio. The scope of a new activity, which it is proposed to establish as a working group of the RDA Preservation Techniques, Technologies and Policies IG, is to build on this experience and publish guidelines and provide technologies for persisting not only annotations and the digital objects on which they are made but also the relationships between them.

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Meeting objectives

The BoF meeting objectives will be:

  1. Discuss strategies for raising awareness of the vulnerability of many on-going investments in annotation-related investments.
  2. Calibrate community priorities between addressing investment in multiple legacy annotation technologies (including the multiple variants of Open Annotation Data Model, the predecessor of Web Annotation Data Model, WADM) and provision of guidelines and tools for effective adoption of WADM to insure long-term accessibility.
  3. To gauge demand for a broadly accessible repository for annotations, providing persistent connection with their target digital objects.
  4. In addition to refining the Charter Statement of the proposed WG above, we want to recruit from the broader RDA membership and expand WG membership beyond the existing humanities constituency

Meeting agenda

  1. Introduction to evolution of annotation techniques and large-scale uptake observed in recent years, providing an introduction to the purpose of the group for RDA members unfamiliar with preservation issues arising from annotation.
  2. Present case studies demonstrating failure mechanisms in existing annotation projects; describe redelivery strategies and concrete long-term support solutions (speakers from case study institutions have been identified).
  3. Identify issues related to annotation instruments and standards that affect later migration of annotations to secure technical infrastructures; assess perceived need for re-delivery .vs. protecting new annotation investment.
  4. Precipitate discussion about spectrum of communities exploiting annotation technologies and identify routes of access to raise awareness of sustainability challenges.
  5. Describe potential annotation repository service and current standing, inviting feedback about domain specificity and client interfaces.
  6. Discuss next steps in relation both to priorities (redelivery .vs. support for new annotation programs) and annotation repository service.


Scientists concerned with annotation of experimental datasets and cultural objects as integral to the research process; libraries and heritage organizations' digital resource managers managing creation and accessibility of digital versions of assets. People building infrastruture designed to support annotation.

Group chair serving as contact person: Peter Cornwell

Type of meeting: Informative meeting

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