Present your data related research at RDA’s 9th Plenary Poster Session

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Present your data related research at RDA’s 9th Plenary Poster Session
03 Feb 2017

Present your data related research at RDA’s 9th Plenary Poster Session

a unique opportunity to be where the action is – 5-7 April 2017, Barcelona, Spain

Are you a data scientist or a researcher working with data? Become an active player in the data revolution scene by submitting a poster to showcase your work at RDA’s 9th Plenary meeting, in Barcelona, 5-7 April, 2017.

Posters are an interactive way of initiating constructive discussions and triggering lots of new ideas. Illustrating your work with a poster at an RDA Plenary meeting is a unique opportunity to present your activities to an audience of data practitioners, computer scientists, researchers, policy makers and private sector representatives: all highly engaged towards the common goal of enabling open sharing and interoperability of data across disciplines, technologies and borders to accelerate research progress, and ultimately to improve human’s knowledge.

Based on the poster that you present, you will be able to discuss your current work, ideas, future plans and achievements, in an informal and positive environment, to the global RDA International community. It will be perfect for networking: you will be able to receive valuable feedback, set up collaborations and lay the grounds for cross fertilisation.

At RDA Plenaries you will meet up with a lively community of researchers and professionals dealing with data: you will be able to share your data issues and the challanges you are facing for data accessibility, integration and interoperability. Discussing constructively with other scientists and experts who focus on data topics both from an IT perspective or from their specific domains, you will be able to find solutions and contribute to the building of “data infrastructures for open science”, which is the overarching theme of RDA’s Plenary 9.

You will have the opportunity to engage with RDA meeting attendees in one-to-one conversations based on your poster, enabling you to address very specific topics with an audience of viewers highly interested in your subject. On the other hand, conversations with a heterogeneous bunch of RDA people viewing your poster will provide you with lots of ideas and “out-of-the-box” thinking, sparking new avenues of your future research.

Share the passion you put in your work and capture the interest and immagination of your audience. Submit your compelling poster for RDA Plenary 9 now!

Call for poster sessions closes 12 March 2017 at 23:00 UTC.

Find out more and apply here: