Post-Plenary 19 Webinar

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Post-Plenary 19 Webinar
28 Jul 2022 UTC

Post-Plenary 19 Webinar

28 Jul 2022


Watch the 7:30 UTC Recording Here

Watch the 17:00 UTC Recording Here

After a successful Plenary 19 held in June 2022, RDA chairs met once again on 28 July 2022 to share the takeaways of the breakout sessions held during the event and discussed next steps.

This was the first time a webinar of this type being offered at RDA, which provided members a clearer understanding of the collaboration approaches among RDA working and interest groups, as well as an opportunity to hear directly from chairs on their vision for future activities.

Organized by the RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB), the webinar agenda mirrored the Plenary Pathways, which are themes identified by TAB as a means to help members navigate RDA plenary programmes.

Plenary Pathways included the following themes:

  • Data Infrastructures and Environments
  • Training, Stewardship, and Data Management Planning
  • Semantics, Ontology, Standardisation
  • Data Lifecycles - Versioning, Provenance, Citation, and Reward
  • Discipline Focused Data Issues
  • Other