Portage & Data Management Plans in Canada: the policies, templates, and platform - RDA 10th Plenary Collocated event

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18 Sep 2017 UTC

Portage & Data Management Plans in Canada: the policies, templates, and platform - RDA 10th Plenary Collocated event

18 Sep 2017

Date: 18 September 2017

Time: 13:00 - 16:00

Venue: Centre Mont-Royal 

Data management plans (DMPs) have become an international best practice in research and are required by many foreign research granting agencies. In Canada, a working group on data management for the three primary federal funding agencies released a Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management in June 2016 endorsing the use of DMPs. This same working group is now consulting with the research community about a data policy that will require DMPs. Some Canadian universities have begun to develop their own research data policies, with DMPs serving as a way to implement such policies. The importance of DMPs will continue to increase in Canada both as an aid to research project management and as an administrative tool for institutional oversight of research data.

This workshop will focus on the use of the Portage’s Data Stewardship template and the online DMP Assistant platform. The session will provide an overview of DMPs and their value to researchers and those involved in research services on a campus, such as, research service offices, research ethics, libraries, research computing units, academic deans and vice presidents, chief information officers, and information privacy officers.  Participants will be introduced to the Portage DMP Assistant and the Data Stewardship DMP template. The principles behind the design of a template will be discussed and illustrated by reviewing the process used to create the Portage Data Stewardship template. Participants will have an opportunity to answer selected multidisciplinary questions in a DMP template and to talk about their hands-on experience. The various uses of DMPs will be discussed, including illustrations of how research service units on campuses can better coordinate the flow of research administrative information directly related to data. Upon completing this workshop, participants will be able to: describe what a DMP is; how one can be produced; how the Portage DMP Assistant can help researchers prepare DMPs; who will be interested in the content of DMPs; and how the information in DMPs can help institutions better support research data management.

This session is directed at students, researchers and data managers.

There is no registration fee for this workshop. However, individuals must register to participate. There is a limited number of seats that will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. Please register using the link provided. You can register for the morning and afternoon Portage events through a single registration.

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The instructors are: Jane Fry, Lyne Da Sylva, Jeff Moon

Contact: Jane Fry, Chair, Portage Training Expert Group