Plenary Pathways Now Available: Your Guide for VP18

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Plenary Pathways Now Available: Your Guide for VP18
13 Oct 2021

Plenary Pathways Now Available: Your Guide for VP18

In order to enhance the plenary experience, RDA Working and Interest Group chairs have identified nine “pathways”, or themes, to assist Virtual Plenary 18 (VP18) attendees in planning their schedules. Attendees can now simply identify the most relevant pathways, learn about the meeting objectives and begin creating a preliminary schedule.

As we get closer to VP18, an event website link will be available where attendees can filter sessions by pathway name and create their own personalized schedules.

The nine pathways available at VP18 are:

  • The FAIR Agenda
  • Training and Data Management Planning
  • Life Science Data Issues
  • Semantics, Ontology, Standardisation
  • Data Infrastructures - Organisational to Global
  • Data Lifecycles - Versioning, Provenance, and Reward
  • Professional Networking and Social Aspects
  • Discipline Focused Data Issues
  • Other

Keep in mind, attendees can also identify the status of Working and Interest Groups in the Plenary Pathways; in other words, attendees can select groups that are already established, just getting started, almost at the end of their group lifespan or have completed their work and just maintaining deliverables.

Access the Plenary Pathways and learn more.