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04 December 2013 6313 reads

European Early Career Researchers & Scientists working with Data


RDA Europe Financial Support Programme for the 3rd RDA Plenary Meeting


RDA Europe is supporting 22 European Early Career Researchers & Scientists working with Data to attend the plenary meeting. The aim of this programme is to introduce European early career researchers & scientists to RDA, highlight what data scientists / practitioners are doing, leverage on Early Career Researchers & Scientists knowledge to support Plenary 3 activities and support the Working & Interest group activities.

An Early Career Researchers & Scientists Poster Session is scheduled for Thursday 27th in the morning, on Day 2 of the Plenary. Please click on the PDF icon next to the name to have a preview of the poster to be displayed by the successful applicants. 

Rasheed Akintunde University of Oulu Metadata Standards Directory
Parinaz  Ameri Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Big Data Analytics
Suchith Anand Research Fellow Agricultural Data Interoperability
Alessia Bardi      ISTI - National Research Council - Italy Data in Context
Lisa Donatini University Of Pisa Data Type Registries
Doychin Doychev Insight, Center for Data Analytics Brokering
Tanja Friedrich     Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Community Capability Model
Bahareh Heravi INSIGHT Centre, National University of Ireland Galway Social Media & Communications
Reko Hynönen University of Helsinki, Finnish meteorological institute Data Foundation and Terminology
Pawel Kamocki Université Paris Descartes / Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster Legal Interoperability
Nicola Kavanagh    Royal College of Surgeons Structural Biology
Naresh Kumar     Univ. of Oslo, Tallinn Univ., & Parma University, Italy Preservation e-Infrastructure
Mikael Laakso Hanken School of Economics Publishing Data
Artemis Lavasa   CERN/ Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (Greece) Long tail of research data 
Aqdas Malik Aalto University Metadata IG
Yuri Malitsky University College Cork Development of cloud computing capacity and education for developing world research
Stefan Proell    Vienna University of Technology, Austria Data Citation
Rebecca Reffell University of Essex BoF WG Big Data Infrastructure BDI
Simone Roma   University of Pisa Research Data Provenance
Sebastian Schelter  Technische Universität Berlin Practical Policy
Erdal Tokat Dokuz Eylul University, Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology Marine Data Harmonization
Tobias Weigel University of Hamburg PID Information Types