Irish Research Council (IRC) Poster Session

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03 January 2014 5344 reads


Congrats to Eavan O'Dochartaigh from NUI Galway for winning the Irish Research Council Award for her poster "Defrosting the Data: Exploring the Art and Literature of the Franklin Expeditions to the Arctic"

The Irish Research Council (IRC) is funding a poster session and reception on the first day of the RDA Third Plenary Meeting - 26th March 2014, during which some of the multi-disciplinary IRC-funded PhD and Post Doc research that demonstrates open access and sharing of publicly funded research data, or uses (exploits) openly accessible publicly funded research data will be showcased. 

Using a crowd-sourced approach, delegates at the meeting will vote for the "best" poster and the author of that poster will receive a research networking and travel grant of €1,000. The award will be presented by Dr. Eucharia Meehan, Director of the Irish Research Program during the RDA plenary 3 evening reception on Wednesday 26th March at Croke Park Conference Centre.


  1. Ting Bi - Dublin City University - RLoad—Reputation-based Load Balancing Network Selection Strategy for Heterogeneous Wireless Network Environments
  2. Rebekah Brennan - Waterford Institute of Technology - ‘IDUHED’: An Ethno Pharmacological Study of the Injecting Use of Human Enhancement Drugs
  3. Norma Browne - Limerick Institute of Technology - Evaluation of Irish marine cyanobacteria for sunscreen compounds
  4. Shengyang Chen - Dublin City University - A Traffic-pattern-based Energy Efficient Multimedia Delivery Scheme in Wireless Networks
  5. Eavan O'Dochartaigh - NUI Galway - Defrosting the Data: Exploring the Art and Literature of the Franklin Expeditions to the Arctic
  6. Michelle M Doran - NUI Maynooth - The Role of Oxidative Stress in Sleep Deprivation and Neurological Disorders
  7. Muhammad Imran - Dublin City University - Optical Interconnection for Data Centres
  8. Jogile Kuklyte - Dublin City University - Unusual Event Detection in Real-World Surveillance Systems
  9. Amy Lusher - Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology - Microplastics in the North Atlantic: Interactions with Mesopelagic Fish
  10. M. Macos-López  - Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology - Immunological Approach to the Development of Diagnostic Tools and Treatments for Amoebic Gill Disease in Farmed Atlantic Salmon
  11. Natalia Mazurkiewicz - University of Limerick - Polish Migrants in Ireland
  12. L. McManus - University College Dublin - Adaptations to Motor Control Strategies as a Result of Muscle Fatigue
  13. Aoife O'Brien - Trinity College Dublin - Bereavement and Grief in irish Schools
  14. James O'Driscoll - University College Cork -The Baltinglass Hillfort Project: Using Open Access Data to Help Understand Our Past
  15. Kate O'Hara - Dublin Institute of Technology - Criminological Data in Ireland: Access, Analysis, and Appraisal
  16. Tony O'Hara - Institute of Technology Tallaght - Development of a Whole Cell Electrochemical Biosensor "TOXOR" - Applications in Environmental Toxin Monitoring
  17. John Pendlebury - Dublin City University - A Multi-Agent Framework for the Prediction of Cyberbullying in Online Social Networks
  18. Viola Volpato - University College Dublin - Towards a Comprehensive Public Server for Protein Function Prediction
  19. Haolin Wei - Dublin City University - Human Affect Analysis for Autonomous Avatars