RDA for Newcomers Session

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02 September 2015 2698 reads

Date: Tuesday, 22nd September 2015

Location: CNAM, room 17.2.15

Time: 14:00 - 16:00

  14:00- 14:20

Welcome and History of RDA

Brief history of the Research Data Alliance since 2013, its place in the global research data landscape, and the organization’s structure, with descriptions of the Organizational Advisory Board (OAB), Secretariat, Technical Advisory Board (TAB), and Council.

Mark ParsonsSecretary General


Overview of WGs, IGs, and BoFs

RDA members participate in Birds of a Feather topic discussions, Interest Groups around particular issues, and Working Groups which produce solutions to specific problems. Offers an overview of the current RDA groups and thematic clusters.

Beth Plale, TAB Co-Chair

14:40 - 15:10

 Introducing RDA Outputs

RDA has produced 12 outputs, the technical and social solutions for real world data sharing problems. This talk provides an introduction to these solutions and shares success by early adoptors.

Herman Stehouwer, Secretariat


Website Tutorial

Explanation of how to navigate and perform basic operations on the global RDA and RDA/US website, enabling members to fully participate in WG/ IG efforts.

Timea Biro, Secretariat


How to Get Involved

Explores the various ways for new members to volunteer their time, network with other like-minded professionals, and take advantage of RDA’s various outputs.

Stefanie KethersSecretariat



A question and answer session to address any topics not explored. An opportunity to meet the presenters to chat.

Candice LaniusRDA/US Resident