Plenary 15 and Message from our Australian Colleagues

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14 Jan 2020

Plenary 15 and Message from our Australian Colleagues

The RDA Community  has expressed our solidarity and sadness for the terrible fires that our Australian colleagues are experiencing at the moment. Our wonderful local hosts of the 15th RDA Plenary meeting taking place in Melbourne in March wish to share this message with you all.

“We are certainly facing some terrible times here in Australia due to the fires. Although Melbourne is not in danger, everyone has been touched directly or indirectly by them. Once we are through the immediate danger, we face the task of rebuilding, and part of that rebuilding will be rebuilding our businesses and tourism. On behalf of our local organizing committee and from those in the region affected, our message to you is: please come to Plenary 15, we will be open for business.”

Despite the expectation that that the fires will subside well before our meeting, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you apprised of any updates. We also want to provide you with as much flexibility as possible when planning your travel and have extended the deadlines for co-located events and poster applications until 29 January 2020.

For added reference, our local hosts have recommended we share the following links pertaining to the region with you so that you can access first-hand information about the fires, air quality and travel advisories:

Lastly, look for the online programme to be available by 31 January 2020, which will include the breakout session schedule and confirmed speakers. Early bird registration remains open through 14 February 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the RDA Secretariat at