Plenary 14 Adoption and Outputs Session

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14 October 2019 1869 reads

Let’s Talk about RDA Data Solutions for Research Domains: Join the Adoption and Outputs Session at P14 

Join the Adoption and Outputs session at the 14th RDA Plenary on 25 October 2019 starting at 14:00.  This session aims to give visibility to disciplinary approaches supported by RDA while providing a great way to network and speak to the discipline drivers: discipline-focused Working and Interest Groups, adopters and promoters of the RDA Recommendations and Outputs, and domain-specific Ambassadors.

The RDA community is the proud producer of solutions to research data sharing challenges. Whether your challenge is social or technical, you can freely use the Recommendations and Outputs produced. To date, the RDA community has developed 32 outputs for which over 100 cases of adoption have been documented.  The Plenary 14 Adoption and Outputs session will present this rich palette of solutions in a domain clustered overview and interactive setting.

What to expect? 
Six research domain inspired networking areas will be set up in the main Plenary meeting room where Working and Interest Group co-chairs, adopters, and domain ambassadors will tell you all about how RDA Recommendations and Outputs advance data access and re-use sharing in their related research domains. All participants are encouraged to visit the different areas, talk to the groups, learn about what they are doing, and share their own experiences and challenges.

Which areas are we talking about? 

  • Agriculture
  • Climate
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Sustainable Development Goals

Get involved 
We are also calling all RDA members with an interest in these specific areas to visit the networking areas, and actively participate in the session. Please email if you want to highlight your outputs, recommendations, or adoption use-cases and inspire further uptake in your research domain.