What is happening in the Semantic interoperability realm and in VSSIG?

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31 Oct 2022
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Meeting objectives: 

The momentum that Linked Data, Knowledge Graphs, ontologies, vocabularies and generally semantic artefacts have gained recently, has led to the creation of several task forces, groups and projects focusing on semantic interoperability. In this session, several initiatives and projects will be briefly presented including the activities within the VSSIG and in particular the associated iadopt WG as well as the ongoing activities around Ontology repositories. These presentations will be followed by open discussion with the participants around proposed topics including future activities of the VSSIG.


Meeting agenda: 


Collaborative session notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11XvBEFchPqRWk9Boi5pSmqCAnWd56G_oLdpP...


Agenda RDA P20


5’ Introduction: VSSIG activities past and future  John Graybeal and Alexandra Kokkinaki


10’ + 5’ Q&A  iadopt  - practical implementations - Gwen Moncoiffe, Barbara Magagna


7’ + 3’ Q&A Ontological approaches for Digital Twins - Alexandra Kokkinaki


10’ + 5’ Q&A Experiences from the Semantic Interoperability Task Force of the EOSC Association - Wolmar Nyberg Akestrom


7’+ 3’ Q&A Updates of  the Ontoportal alliance - Clement Jonquet


7’+3’ Q&A on FAIR Impact - Yann Le Franc 

5’      ESIP (US) semantic activities at VSSIG - Brandon Whitehead - possibly pre-recorded

20’ - Discussion on semantic related topics

  • What do we have to do to make semantics more usable/used? 

  • How do we make mappings and crosswalk FAIR? 

  • Minimum metadata for semantic artefacts? 

  • Any other topic of interest from the VSSIGers

Target Audience: 

Experts and interested practitioners in

  • Vocabulary services

  • Operational semantic repositories

  • Metadata 

  • Information science

  • Ontology and Knowledge Engineering

  • Data service architectures

We look forward to meet everyone in person again 

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

Our vision is to harmonize our ways of working/current practices with Semantic Web technologies through Knowledge and Expertise exchange across all domains. 

The Vocabulary and Semantic Services Interest Group (VSSIG) mission is to form a network of experts in the realm of Semantic Web and Linked Data. Based on this network, we seek to share and discuss new technologies, controversial concepts, new ideas, existing recommendations. From these interactions we will seek/trigger to develop community-based approaches and recommendations to make semantic artefactsknowledge organization systems (i.e. controlled vocabularies, ontologies, and their associated services) findable, accessible, interoperable, and re-usable (FAIR data principles). 

Short Group Status: 

The group was established six years ago and constitutes a forum for semantic researchers and experts, operational semantic repository managers, ontologists etc. to connect and discuss issues and possible solutions, and share knowledge and latest developments in the domain.

The group has 221 members, many of them participating via Task Groups organised in Slack channels and on the group’s wiki page. One Task Group to date has formed an RDA Working Group. Activity in each Task Group is organised in zoom calls or is reflected by messages on each Slack channel. The group’s membership continues to grow rapidly. 

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Informative meeting
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Meeting presenters: 
Gwen Moncoiffe, Yann Le Franc, Alexandra Kokkinaki, Clement Jonquet, Wolmar Nyberg Akestrom