Insights on data linking & progressing Scholix for software

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07 Oct 2022
Group(s) submitting the application: 
Meeting objectives: 
  • Get feedback on the proposed schema expansion to support software  

  • Evaluate definitions of software and data

  • Refine recommendations for the use of relation types in relation to software and data

  • Discuss the launch plan for an updated version of the schema

  • Provide guidance for use and implementation of the schema to support best practice

  • Look at existing data/insights and discuss new adoption opportunities

Meeting agenda: 
  • Background on / history of the development of the Scholix schema

  • Motivations for adding software

  • A first draft of the modified schema

  • Instances/examples of the schema showing how software is captured and what kinds of relationships to data and articles could be captured

  • Where we are with data and how best to support best practices in the schema

Target Audience: 

Repository Managers and other professionals

Software tools providers and creators

Information Systems professionals

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The working group has generated a Scholix metadata schema, has helped implement this schema in multiple Scholix hubs and other infrastructure providers, and has built a community that provides data citation services. 

Short Group Status: 

The group is in maintenance mode since 2019 and continues to work on Scholix adoption with repositories, publishers and other industry groups, along with work with the software community to explore expanding the schema to support software linking and citation. We ran a joint session with other related interest groups at the previous plenary to explore this. 

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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Meeting presenters: 
Rachael Lammey, Helena Cousijn, Lorenzo Fieri, Paolo Manghi, Joris van Rossum