Improving Global Agricultural Data (IGAD) Community of Practice First Steps and Way Forward

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01 Nov 2022
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RDA’s first Community of Practice, the Improving Global Agricultural Data (IGAD) has completed one year. In this plenary session we will present the status of the new CoP, update participants on IGAD activities, and discuss a roadmap for future IGAD membership and relationship with other CoPs and IGs both within and outside the Research Data Alliance.

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Collaborative session notes:


Welcome and introduction to the session (10 mins) (Debora Drucker - Embrapa)

Updates from the community
Agenda overview and session objectives


WorldFAIR Case study on Plant-Pollinator interactions update (15 min) (Maarten Trekels - Meise Botanic Garden)


Building a knowledge sharing bridge between Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Research Data Alliance (RDA/EOSC) (15 min) (Marina Razmadze- Institute for Scientific and Technical Information - TECHINFORMI & Viorica Lupu - Technical University of Moldova)


Thematic Community Cross-Fertilisation Workshop Overview (5 min) (Cyndy Parr - USDA)


Panel of Liaisons: New ideas for IGAD (20 min)

Brent Kemp - AgGateway 

Marina Razmadze - Institute for Scientific and Technical Information - TECHINFORMI

Karel Charvat - Czech Center for Science and Society

Piotr Zaborowski - Open Geospatial Consortium

Richard Ostler - Rothamsted

Viorica Lupu - Technical University of Moldova


Discussion: Which challenges should be our priority how to address the priority challenges? (20 min) (all)


Overview of anniversary sessions in June and wrap up (5 min)

Target Audience: 

People whose work relates to agricultural data but who are new to IGAD, existing members of IGAD, RDA groups interested on connecting with disciplinary case studies


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The Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) came to life in Gothenburg (Göteborg, Sweden) in 2013 at the beginning of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and has since grown to include over 260 registered members, from across continents. IGAD transitioned to be the Improving Global Agricultural Data Community of Practice in 2022, a domain-oriented group working on all issues related to food and agricultural data. It represents stakeholders in managing data for food and agricultural research and innovation, including producing, aggregating and consuming data.

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Formed in 2013, IGAD has incubated a number of working groups and became a Community of Practice in 2022.

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Working meeting
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