Data Granularity Guidance - Going Once, Going Twice,...

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02 Nov 2022
Group(s) submitting the application: 
Meeting objectives: 
  • Contextualize the big picture and scope of data granularity 

  • Present draft outputs: guidance paper & use cases

  • Gain feedback on draft outputs

  • Recruit early adopters

Meeting agenda: 


Collaborative session notes:

  1. Introduction - contextualization and motivation

  2. Methodology - how did we reach our conclusion

    • Survey with Re3Data

    • Use Case collection and scheme

    • Constraints collection

  3. Present draft outputs: guidance paper & use cases

  4. Interactive activities for participants to:

    • Provide feedback on draft outputs

    • Discuss potential adoption cases

  5. Conclusion/next steps

Target Audience: 
  • Community members seeking guidance on data granularity who could benefit from using the outputs.

  • Anyone interested in data granularity issues, including as they relate to: discovery, access, interoperability, analysis, citability, and/or curation.
Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The RDA Data Granularity Working Group (WG) addresses issues of data granularity in data discovery, access, interoperability, analysis, citation, and more. More efficient and effective reuse of data requires that users can find and access data at various levels of granularity. The WG explores key questions and collects and shares valuable information for how to best support data granularity, providing guidance to help data professionals to determine the best level of granularity for user discovery, access, interoperability and citability. The activities and final recommendations of the Data Granularity WG build upon and complement existing and ongoing work of several RDA Working and Interest Groups that touch upon the subject of data granularity. The final deliverable for the WG is a set of collected use cases and a guidance document of data granularity approaches for prioritized use cases, including terminology, methods to evaluate approaches, and a summary of community feedback.

Short Group Status: 

The Data Granularity WG is nearing completion, and expects to have completed its draft guidance and use case outputs by P20. Having grown out of the Data Discovery Interest group, the WG has been working since its launch in 2020, building an understanding of the existing needs and landscape for data granularity practices. History of activities can be found in notes from recent plenaries (P17, P18, P19)  and prior BoF meetings (P15, P16).

Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
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Meeting presenters: 
Reyna Jenkyns, Brigitte Mathiak, Katherine McNeill