Science Communication for Research Data

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26 Feb 2022
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This session aims to renew the activities of the proposed Science Communication for Research Data Interest Group. Following past scoping sessions held during previous RDA Plenaries, this session is meant to discuss the charter of the proposed group, potential connections to other RDA WG and IG and address specifically the topic of data visualisation for science communication. 


Science communication is a shared responsibility and shared opportunity, it supports researchers in the dissemination and outreach around their work, increasing citations and enabling collaboration. Similar drivers apply in the case of science performing organisations and funders. 


Whether it relates directly to the findability and accessibility of research data (the F and A in FAIR), increasing inclusiveness or data literacy, there is a clear need to define and differentiate what science communication means to other actors and stakeholders such as journalists and science communicators, policy makers, citizen scientists and the general public.  


Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


> Discuss the IG Charter for submission, potential topic refocus and foreseen outputs at


> Discuss connections with other RDA WGs and IGs


> Discuss the specific case of research data visualisation for science communication




Target Audience: 


  • Researchers and data practitioners 
  • Research data support services working on science communication 
  • Science communicators
  • Policy makers 
  • Data journalists
  • Citizen scientists 


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Establishing science communication around research data as a key RDM best practice requires a wider discussion around effective engagement, skills and incentives, roles and recognition of such efforts as central to the research work. But there is also great potential and a growing interest to make this happen.


RDA’s focus on building bridges, and its recognition of the complex social and cultural work required for this, makes it an ideal vehicle to build momentum and capacity in science communication for research data.


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Working meeting
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