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25 Feb 2022
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Meeting objectives: 
  • To inform the RDA community on our progress

  • Find new members to strengthen the group

  • To obtain feedback use cases for data granularity

  • Get input on constraints and standards

Meeting agenda: 


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Note: this session is scheduled in the programme for Breakout 7, Thursday 23 June 2022 UTC 02:30 - 04:00


Meeting agenda


  1. Introduction of the group [10 minutes]

  2. Present our survey in collaboration with Re3Data and some preliminary results  [15 minutes]

  3. Use cases: [30 minutes]

The group aims to collect feedback regarding two documents in this Shared Folder of Public Documents for P19:

The session will interactively solicit feedback on these documents.  If you cannot attend the session, or have ideas afterward, please fill out our brief online survey.

  • Introduction: Walk through documents
  • Interactive element to gain additional feedback on Use Cases (via Mentimeter)
  • Discussion of the results
  • Present Asynchronous feedback mechanism (to link in description/listing ahead of time): brief online survey.
  1. Constraints sub-group  [5 minutes]
  2. Open Discussion/Q&A  [10 minutes]

  3. Wrap-up & Encourage New Members [10 minutes]

Target Audience: 

Anyone interested in data granularity issues as they relate to: discovery, access, interoperability, analysis, citability, and/or curation.

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The recently endorsed and launched RDA Data Granularity Working Group (WG) will address issues of data granularity in data discovery, access, interoperability, analysis, citation, and more. More efficient and effective reuse of data requires that users can find and access data at various levels of granularity. The WG will explore key questions and collect and share valuable information for how to best support data granularity, providing guidance to help data professionals to determine the best level of granularity for user discovery, access, interoperability and citability. The activities and final recommendations of the Data Granularity WG will build upon and complement existing and ongoing work of several RDA Working and Interest Groups that touch upon the subject of data granularity. The final deliverable for the WG is a set of collected use cases and a guidance document of data granularity approaches for prioritized use cases, including terminology, methods to evaluate approaches, and a summary of community feedback.

Short Group Status: 

BoF meetings were conducted at P15 (see session notes), P16 (notes) , P17 (notes and video) and P18. Since then, the provisional Data Granularity WG has been meeting regularly on a monthly basis to refine the directions for a case statement, and to better understand the existing needs and landscape for data granularity practices. We expect to be endorsed by the beginning of August and have taken steps to get working immediately by instituting sub-groups to work on the tasks outlined in the case statement.

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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Katherine McNeill