How Open Science activities are perceived and recognised in Research and the Research career.

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25 Feb 2022
Group(s) submitting the application: 
Meeting objectives: 

We will run an informative and interactive session, aimed at discussing the necessity of rewarding Open Science activities. The discussion will be based on  the results of a survey conducted by some members of the RDA-SHARC IG. The objectives will be:

  • To discuss preliminary results of the survey addressing awareness of Open Science activities and existing & expected reward systems in research assessment, in particular for sharing activities, in different contexts.

  • To fuel the discussion conducted as part of the EC’s Coalition on reforming research assessment.

  • To help feed future SHARC recommendations.

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:

  • Introduction to the RDA-SHARC group

  • Introduction to the survey

  • Survey’s preliminary results presentation

  • Collective discussion (possibly questions-mediated discussion or poll) and harvesting of relevant initiatives or tools  from audience

The session will be virtual and chaired by LM & ACT. Presentations and management of the session (online chat / verbal Q&A / collaborative  meeting notes / meeting minutes) will be shared by several members of the RDA-SHARC survey’s group.

Target Audience: 

Anyone interested, in particular actors directly involved in research, i.e. researchers / postdoc researchers / fellows / professors / associate professors / lecturers/ doctoral students / project managers / data managers / technicians and funders, policy makers.

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The RDA-SHARC interest group is an interdisciplinary group set up to unpack and improve crediting and rewarding mechanisms in the data/resource sharing process. The main goals are to foster the implementation of rewarding paths and encourage the adoption of data sharing activities-related criteria in the research evaluation process at the institutional, national and European/international levels.

Short Group Status: 


  • SHARC ig: IG established

  • Forthcoming submission of the SHARC FAIR assessment template to the RDA community for endorsement.


Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
Meeting presenters: 
Hanna Shmagun, KISTI, South Korea; Christopher Erdmann, AGU, USA; Florencia Grattarola, Biodiversidata, Uruguay; R. David, ERINHA, L. Mabile, A. Cambon-Thomsen, M. Thomsen, UT3-Inserm, FR