What drives researchers to engage with data management?

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05 Aug 2021
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Meeting objectives: 

The objective of this meeting is to give updates on the IG’s established work and expand the horizons of the members through panel discussions from research data management stakeholders (e.g., funders, tool developers, etc.) and researchers.

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1woKJjMQ4TfLiUsyd8SUG3oVKdpkMRHpNynigGrnlIgA/edit?usp=sharing


  • Welcome and overview of group’s past activities (10 min)

  • Panel of service providers  and researchers (55 minutes)

  • Presentation by Yulia Karimova on researcher engagement (20 minutes) 

  • Closing remarks (5 min)

Target Audience: 

This topic is relevant to anyone supporting research data management at their institution. Please consider attending if you are a:


  • Librarian, data manager, data steward, or archivist—to discuss ways of exchanging best practices and discuss gaps in resources.

  • Researcher or student who wants to change practices among their peers—to discuss gaps or hurdles that prevent you from engaging with research data management or share success stories.

  • Member of an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) department—to discuss which technology can support researcher engagement at your institution.

  • Faculty management or senior executive at an institution or colleague from legal and financial support—to discuss how you can support (financially, administratively, legally, via policy) researchers and encourage an environment of research data management at your institution.

  • Funder, policy maker, publisher or member of the commercial sector—to share expectations of how researcher engagement with research data management fulfills policy and commercial goals.

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Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

This Interest Group enables the community to exchange best practices and keep each other informed on innovative methods to stimulate researcher engagement with research data.

During 2017 - 2018, as a working group under the Libraries For Research Data IG, members collected innovative case studies on how institutions effectively engage researchers with data which resulted in the publication, Engaging Researchers with Research Data: The Cookbook. Following this, the IG was formally established in 2019.

The group is currently gathering further case studies on virtual engagement of researchers with data to be showcased via a toolkit for online engagement and a podcast series. 


Short Group Status: 

This will be the third plenary session as a formally established RDA Interest Group. The objective of this group is to exchange best practices on how to effectively engage with researchers about research data and develop resources to help research organizations increase engagement with researchers. The plenary is a key moment to engage and connect with members of this interest group. Additionally, this Interest Group is actively working on the collection of case studies on virtual engagement of researchers with data which will lend themselves to the development of a toolkit for online engagement and a podcast series.

Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
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Co-Chairs and members of two stakeholder panels