Open Science Initiatives in Asia

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05 Aug 2021
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This meeting will provide a venue for Open Science initiatives in Asia to be shared, next steps to be discussed, and future directions to be explored. 

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•  Introduction by Ms Su Nee GOH, Co-Chair, Libraries for Research Data IG (5 minutes)




•  Open Science in Southeast Asia: Implementation, Autonomy and Moving Forward, by Dr Sandersan ONIE (15 minutes)

Abstract: Over the past 10 years, open science has become an integral part of how we generate knowledge. However, we must move beyond that into understanding implementation. This presentation will discuss open science movements in Southeast Asia, along with the different considerations, challenges, and perspectives in the uptake of open science behaviours. We will examine a case studies, including how a grassroots organization in Indonesia was invited to submit science policy briefs. Finally, we will discuss strategic approaches to implementing open science in the region and the necessary pre-requisites for open science to not only take root, but to be assimilated in day to day science. 



•  Open Data Practices in China: Focusing on Data repositories, Services and Promotions, by Ms TU Zhifang  (15 minutes)

Abstract: This presentation aims to share some distinctive open data practices in China. Firstly, this presentation will show the three-level data repositories in China, including National Research Data Centers, Institutional Research Data Centers and Library Research Data Centers. Then, this presentation will describe the overviews of open data services by analyzing 589 cases from 20 National Research Data Centers in China, including the users (serve for whom), the services (what is served), the effect and impact. Finally, the presentation will introduce the promotional activities of open data to arise the awareness and improve the ability of data-driven innovation research around the universities and institutes.



•  Open Repositories for Scholarly Communication and Participatory Research, by Dr CHUANG Tyng-Ruey  (15 minutes)


Abstract: In this presentation we wish to articulate the multiple roles of open repositories can play in “open science” activities especially for countries yet to develop concrete policies and requirements about free and public access to scientific output (publications, datasets, etc.). We see open repositories as communities where researchers as well as citizens gather to share results and experiences, hence engage in open science practices. Building and operating an open repository for all, in our view, represents a grassroots approach to scholarly communication and participatory research. We will use our experience in running the depositar, an open repository built on top of CKAN, to illustrate the strengths and challenges of this bottom-up approach to open science.

Click here to for the slides.



•  Research data archives in the era of open science: Current challenges and future prospects of The Social Science Japan Data Archive (SSJDA) by Dr Megumi IKEDA and Dr Nobutada YOKOUCHI (15 minutes)

Abstract: This presentation aims to illustrate how research data archives have contributed to the promotion of open science endeavors in Japan, by specifically focusing on the role of SSJDA in the field of social science. After briefly overviewing its history, organization, statistics, and operational process, we will discuss major challenges and future prospects of SSJDA, with particular focus on the following topics: different roles between SSJDA and libraries, inclusion of research data other than survey data, development of new remote analysis system, participation to Japan Data Catalog for the Humanities and Social Sciences (JDCat) for constructing comprehensive platform of metadata.

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•  Q&A, panel discussion. Moderators: Ms Su Nee GOH and Mr Naresh Kumar, Co-Chairs, Libraries for Research Data IG  (20 minutes)


•   Closing by Dr Birgit Schmidt and Ms Su Nee GOH, Co-Chairs, Libraries for Research Data IG  (5 minutes)


  • Ms TU Zhifang is a digital scholarship librarian from the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences in China. She is currently a Ph.D candidate at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. 


  • Dr CHUANG Tyng-Ruey is an Academia SINICA researcher in Taiwan. He will be speaking about his team's latest work for the research data repository at He will also be sharing about how he thinks universities could play a bigger role in open data in Taiwan.


  • Assistant Professor Megumi IKEDA, Institute of Social Science, Social Research and Data Archive Research Center, The  University of Tokyo
  • Dr Nobutada Yokouchi, Institute of Social Science, Social Research and Data Archive Research Center, The  University of Tokyo


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Anyone who is interested to advance Open Science adoption in Asia

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Research Data have become a primary research asset that often requires continued access in the dynamic environment of mobile researchers, volatile repositories, transient products and short-lived standards. Libraries have looked after written research assets for centuries and now tackle the challenge of adapting their function to making data reliably accessible and re-usable. As an extension of the past discussions on libraries' role in research data, the Group would now like to explore open science initiatives and opportunities for collaboration, particularly in Asia.

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Recognised and Endorsed

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Informative meeting
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Dr Sandersan ONIE, Ms TU Zhifang, Dr CHUANG Tyng-Ruey and a Japanese presenter
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