The Global Open Research Commons: update and connections to related work

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06 Aug 2021
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Meeting objectives: 

The Global Open Research Commons has now been active for a year. We have harmonised on a definition of the Commons as “A global trusted ecosystem that provides seamless access to high quality interoperable research outputs and services”. The key values which should be characteristic of the commons were rated by the group as trusted, open, standards-based, distributed and community governed. 

The other aspect of our remit which we intend to progress in this meeting is the typology of a Commons. There have been a number of discussions about possible mandatory and desirable elements, and this meeting will seek to finalise these elements.

The GORC IG has created a Case Statement for a WG with the name GORC International Model WG, and Council accepted that Case Statement in late July. The meeting will provide an update on the work to be undertaken by this WG.

CODATA are sponsoring a group with a related title: the Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC). This meeting will provide an overview of the GOSC activity and its connections with GORC.

Finally, a new group called OSCER (Open Science Cloud Executives Roundtable), has been created to provide a forum for those directly involved in the development of OSCs. This meeting will provide an overview of OSCER and discussions to date.

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


Introduction to meeting and previous work (10 mins) - Andrew Treloar

The typology and diagram (45 mins) - Sarah Jones

GOSC: Overview and their Working Groups, and connections to GORC activity (10 mins) - Mark Leggott and Simon Hodson

Updates from GORC International Model WG (15 mins) - Karen Payne 

Next steps (10 mins)

Target Audience: 

Researchers, funders, research software developers/architects, infrastructure providers and data service providers 


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Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The Global Open Research Commons IG will coordinate global activity on the development of Open Science platforms such as the EOSC, AOSP and ARDC. The Interest Group holds the overall mission and defines key activities for development through working groups, the first of which is focusing on the features/attributes of ORCs, and documenting a subset of international clouds/commons. It will also socialise the community to the concept, definition and value of Research Commons. 

Short Group Status: 

Following a series of BoF sessions, an initial Interest Group meeting was held at P14 in Helsinki. Since then, initiatives such as EOSC and ARDC have matured and advanced the definitions of their core elements and operating methods. This was used to provide definitions of the Commons and a proposed typology at P16 for validation by the wider community. This session builds on that and develops work further, in collaboration with the International Model WG.

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Working meeting
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WG/IG chairs plus invited speakers from the various Commons/Cloud initiatives.