A typology of the components of Global Open Research Commons

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22 Jan 2021
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Collaborative session notes (main session): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HkpT2R7seR9aT86Zhub_9KDm5vlPruU1cRvoQ53x-58/edit?usp=sharing

Collaborative session notes (repeat session): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wOzDJYlP4iPK1CkCH8i8tdnIDqUI9hh8as5oiczxe40/edit?usp=sharing

Significant work is underway to define and classify the Global Open Research Commons as evidenced by previous BoF and Interest Group sessions. We have harmonised on a definition of the Commons as “A global trusted ecosystem that provides seamless access to high quality interoperable research outputs and services” and are building consensus around this. The key values which should be characteristic of the commons were rated by the group as trusted, open, standards-based, distributed and community governed. The other aspect of our remit which we intend to progress in this meeting is the typology of a Commons.


We have identified six key components as: Governance, Sustainability, Stakeholder engagement, Services, Data and Compute. In the session we plan to describe the approaches to each of these components in different initiatives so we can compare descriptions and define benchmarks. This will be done in conjunction with the Benchmarking WG. Discussion will also identify other aspects that need to be considered such as interoperability. While not a component per se, defining the standards each initiative is working to will aid global collaboration.

  • Consolidate the definition of the Commons

  • Validate the typology and how it could serve as a framework for benchmarking

  • Compare descriptions of the implementation of each component

  • Define benchmarks to track status and global maturity

Meeting agenda: 
  • Introduction to meeting and previous work (10 mins) - Andrew Treloar

  • The typology and worked examples (40 mins) - Sarah Jones & lightning talk presenters

    • The NII cloud - Kazu Yamaji

    • The Australian Research Data Commons - Andrew Treloar (on behalf of Rosie Hicks, ARDC CEO)

    • International Virtual Observatory Alliance - Chenzhou Cui

    • Global Alliance for Genomics and Health - Angela Page

  • Group activity to fleshing out the typology (30 mins) - All

  • Updates from GORC WGs and externals (10 mins) - Karen Payne and Mark Leggott

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Research funders, infrastructure providers and data services active in delivering Research / Data Commons initiatives

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The Global Open Research Commons IG will coordinate global activity on the development of Open Science platforms such as the EOSC, AOSP and ARDC. The Interest Group holds the overall mission and defines key activities for development through working groups, the first of which is focusing on benchmarking. It will also socialise the community to the concept, definition and value of Research Commons.

Short Group Status: 

Following a series of BoF sessions, an initial Interest Group meeting was held at P14 in Helsinki. Since then, initiatives such as EOSC and ARDC have matured and advanced the definitions of their core elements and operating methods. This was used to provide definitions of the Commons and a proposed typology at P16 for validation by the wider community. This session builds on that and develops work further, in collaboration with the Benchmarking WG.

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Working meeting
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WG/IG chairs plus invited speakers from Commons initiatives