Reducing barriers to and increasing global participation in data interchange through advancing discovery, access, and reusability of RDM training resources

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26 Jan 2021
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Meeting objectives: 

The objective of this meeting is to gather practitioners involved in education and training on handling research data, from Data Science and Data Stewardship to Research Data Management, to actively advance current community initiatives, focusing on how they might benefit from coordination and cooperation. 

Contributing to the RDA17 Plenary theme “Opening data for global challenges”, the ETHRD IG meeting focuses on the importance of training and education in promoting the goals of global participation in, barrier reduction for, and equitable access to data interchanges. By advancing the discovery, access, and reusability of education and training resources for RDM, more people can easily take advantage of available resources, or share available resources, to reduce the burden of education and training as an aid to increased participation and representation in the interchange of data. This meeting addresses the importance of community efforts, joint initiatives, and crossing (virtual) borders to optimise the development and delivery of education and training on handling research data, as a joint effort to stimulate Open Research.  

  • Discovering existing education and training materials that successfully employ innovative or traditional pedagogy and andragogy, and that are use cases of the open sharing and reusing of both training materials and its underlying data

  • Jointly identifying materials in ways that assist in assessing appropriateness of use, e.g., audience, goals, required competencies, language. Making this a joint, global effort will help the community to use training to effectively address challenges, and unite disciplines and countries

  • Creating and enriching materials so that they can be reused, connected to each other, and understood in context to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of engaging citizens, students, and researchers from diverse background, and overcoming boundaries of countries and disciplines

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative meeting notes (main session):

Collaborative meeting notes (repeat session):

After two successful meetings using a flipped format of pre-recorded presentations combined with synchronous question and project development sessions that allowed time for community members to add and enrich their own experiences, we want to use this plenary to truly advance the work of the ETHRD-IG focus groups by providing better opportunities for community contributions. 

After a short introductory presentation, we will invite the community to actively advance our work on metadata schemes and learning resources for training in structured breakout rooms. The ETHRD-IG, VP17 session will be a working session using interactive tools, e.g., Mentimeter and Padlet, in which we create a scaffolded space for the community to add their own ideas and experiences to our draft outputs on metadata schema, extended documentation, and learning resource portal catalog for training materials on handling research data.  



21 Apr 2021, Breakout 4

Collaborative notes:

Part 1 (25 min)

  • Introduction of ETHRD-IG, overview of current and future plans
    P15 (collecting ideas), VP16 (presentation of first output), P17 (working session to finalise output), P18 (formal presentation of output and new ideas

  • Elevator pitches

    • focus group “learning resources collectors

    • focus group “minimal metadata”

    • focus group  “extended documentation”

  • Questions

Part 2: (50 min)

  • Working sessions, organised around questions about the draft materials of the three focus groups

Part 3: (15 min)

  • Report back

    • Discuss progress

    • Identify next steps

    • Define goals for P18


23 Apr 2021, Breakout 11

This session will be an extension of work in the 21Apr, Breakout 4 session. Missed the earlier session? No worries! Links to notes, etc. will be posted so that you can jump right in and start contributing to this important work of making education and training resources more available to users of all types.

Collaborative notes:


Target Audience: 

 This meeting will be of benefit to: 

  • those directly involved in teaching and training data skills

  • policy developers working on increasing capacity and enabling data skills

  • projects and initiatives focused on data related skills development

  • funders with similar requirements

  • librarians working with research data

  • representatives from Higher Education Institutes

  • repository administrators and developers

  • metadata architects

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Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The ETHRD IG provides a venue for exchanging information about existing developments and initiatives related to education and training on research data handling. The IG scope includes creation of taxonomies of the competences and skills required by different groups of data specialists/professionals that will provide a basis for recognition of new professions in the data field and for defining required educational elements and training curricula.

This meeting will focus on the commonly recognised demand for data management, data literacy and analytics skills in most research domains and industry. Providing necessary education and training is critical to uncovering the benefits of Open Data, realising the potential of data-driven research, and increasing the efficiency and impact of all modes of research.

In this session we will be building upon past work of the IG to continue work within the current context of the data professional education environment and contribute to the work of the IG in ways that will benefit existing initiatives and uncover new initiatives, ripe for synergistic contributions. The goal is to address data science and research data handling education and training by facilitating information exchange and cooperation between efforts around the world that are supporting the education of data professionals and training of those handling research data.

Short Group Status: 

The ETHRD-IG is a well-established recognised group of long standing, having started in...2013! Through this time we have remained a populous group with a variety of interests, supporting work in multiple areas across a wide community, counting more than 300 members. The IG is a central venue at RDA to exchange and coordinate numerous training activities at RDA and associated European, US and worldwide projects on data related skills development and curricula development. We remain an open group, welcome to new-comers and old-timers, as the work of education and training is never done. 

Our recent initiatives include:

  • Focus group on creating an inventory of repositories for training materials 

  • Focus group on creating recommendations for minimal metadata for training materials

  • Focus group on creating recommendations for extended documentation for training materials
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Working meeting
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