Guidelines for publishing structured metadata over the Web

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18 Jan 2021
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Meeting objectives: 

Collaborative session notes:

  • Introduce the group to new RDA members

  • Introduce and get members’ feedback on the group output: Guidelines for publishing structured metadata over the Web. 

  • Promote the guideline

  • Recruit adopters of the guideline  (adopters include but not limited to data repositories who are at different stages of published structured metadata, or who can partner to adapt the guideline into training materials)

Meeting agenda: 
  • Introducing the group (5 minutes)

  • Introducing the group output: Guidelines for publishing structured metadata over the web (20 mins)

  • Early feedback from two data repositories/catalogues 

    • NSIDC (Julia Collins) (10-15 mins)

    • Observatoire de Paris (Baptiste Cecconi) (10-15 mins)

  • Breakout room discussion (30 mins)

  • Wrap up (5 mins)

Target Audience: 
  •  Anyone (especially data repository/catalogue manager/developer/operator) who is interested and would like to know more about how to publish and get their data discoverable via the web architecture.

  • Anyone who is interested in building knowledge graphs or any innovative data discovery applications on aggregated research data resources.  

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

This proposed working group will provide a platform to complement, build on and extend efforts from, and the like communities in applying and extending the core vocabulary for describing research datasets and related resources. 

The planned outputs will include: 

  • A generic ‘conceptual data model’ with essential types and properties for research data discovery over the web. The model will be built on,,, DCAT, DDI-DISCO and SSN schemas from some representative research domains, and data discovery use cases. A research domain can map their schema to the conceptual model when they publish data to the web or exchange metadata between data portals/repositories.

  • A guidelines of common patterns for publishing metadata landing pages with structured data markup, and guidelines of how to customise the research schemas for targeted domains with examples.

Toolings for making the implementation easier if resources are available. This could include collecting and cataloguing tools that generate, validate and parse & DCAT markup, etc. 

Short Group Status: 

This working group was endorsed in September 2019, as a spinoff from a task force "Using for Research Dataset Discovery" of the RDA Data Discovery Paradigms IG.

So far, the group has organised the following activities:

The group has been organising regular monthly virtual meetings (Please join the group to get meeting reminder).

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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