Establishing a Sensitive Data Interest Group

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25 Jan 2021
Group(s) submitting the application: 
Meeting objectives: 

Collaborative session notes:

The Sensitive Data Interest Group (yet to be formally endorsed) met for the first time as a BoF at RDA VP16. After this meeting, there was sufficient interest to form an interest group. RDA 17 will be the first meeting of the proposed IG. At this meeting, attendees will:

  1. Contribute to a shared definition of sensitive data

  2. Hear the latest discussions around sensitive data

  3. Shape the discussion around sensitive data

  4. Share sensitive data challenges and resources

  5. Engage in discussion around the aims and goals of the Sensitive Data IG 

  6. Help define the deliverables of the group and shape the deliverables to be applicable in different contexts

The meeting objectives are to progress this IG towards application for official endorsement by:

  1. Formally introducing the group to the RDA community

  2. Circulating and discussing the draft IG charter with RDA members (draft charter to be shared two weeks before RDA17 session), and identifying areas of interest in the community

  3. Making connections with other groups working in similar areas

  4. Encouraging broader international engagement 

At the end of the session, time will be allocated to defining the next steps for the IG. In particular, we aim to have a charter that can be achieved, an engaged group of diverse people from different regions who will help shape the IG, and a preliminary idea of what spin off working groups may be formed.  

Meeting agenda: 

1 Housekeeping and welcome (5 min): Kristal Spreadborough

2 IG overview, and presentation of the charter (10 min): Aleks Michalewicz

3 Lightning talks: (25 min): Moderator - Kristal Spreadborough

  • Defining sensitive data: Romain David

  • Sensitive data case study - setting up for a sensitive data project: Rita Silva

  • Sensitive data case study - lessons from working with sensitive data: Amy Pienta

Discussion and questions (10 min)


4 Discussion of the charter and/or subtopics (possible breakout rooms) (20 min): Moderator - Nichola Burton


5 Where to next with the IG (whole group discussion) (20 min): Moderator - Steven McEachern

  • What would be key aims to achieve with this IG related to Sensitive Data?

6 Meeting close


Target Audience: 

Currently, group membership is primarily Australian. Therefore, we will target RDA members from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Global South. In particular, existing members will leverage connections with the following groups to diversify our membership:

  • Social Sciences Interest Group

  • Ethics and Social Aspects of Data Interest Group

  • International Indigenous Data Sovereignty Group

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The Sensitive Data Interest Group (yet to be formally endorsed) met for the first time as a BoF at RDA VP16. The focus of this BoF was to highlight the diversity of sensitive data, and to identify gaps and resources for working with sensitive data. Key themes from the BoF included understanding 1) how data can be sensitive in different contexts, 2) how to manage sensitive data across data types and disciplines, and 3) the challenges of sharing sensitive data in and across different domains. At the end of this meeting, a group of people volunteered to be co-chairs. This group of co-chairs has met regularly since the BoF and we are now in the early stages of drafting our charter. We will meet again at RDA VP17 with the broad aims of discussing the charter with the group, encouraging engagement from other IG members, existing groups and networks, and the international community, and identifying the key aims to which the group will work towards. 

Short Group Status: 

Yet to be formally endorsed

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
Avoid conflict with the following group (1): 
Avoid conflict with the following group (2): 
Meeting presenters: 
Meeting presenters are yet to be finalised. However the IG co-chairs will seek presenters from different regions to give lightning talks. Total presentation time will be kept to a minimum (less than 30 minutes total) to maximise time for group discussion.