Towards building a trustworthy repository ecosystem

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04 Aug 2020
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Meeting objectives: 

To continue discussions on the overview and recommendations for effective implementation of certification of digital repositories. For this plenary these discussions will focus on current questions and towards building a trustworthy repository ecosystem:

  • The impact of the recently released TRUST principles - released in May 2020, what has their impact been so far? How are they viewed by repositories? Funders? Publishers?

  • Accounting for a variety of repository types within the TRUST principles and certification processes

    • How do generalist repositories view the TRUST principles in supporting and accomplishing their missions?

    • How do generalist repositories and technical service providers fit within the CoreTrustSeal certification process?

  • Adoption of repository certification processes such as the CoreTrustSeal - What are successes and challenges in driving adoption of available repository certification processes?

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  1. Welcome and introduction (5 min)

  2. TRUST principles

    1. Review and impact so far (5 minutes) - Marisa DeGuisti, Universidad Nacional de La Plata

    2. Commentary on TRUST principles >5 minutes) - Representatives of TRUST Principle Endorsers

    3. Discussion time (20 minutes)

  3. CoreTrustSeal position paper on specialist and generalist repositories and technical service providers

    1. Review of position paper and comments towards this second version (5 minutes) - Rorie Edmunds, World Data System

    2. Response of a generalist repository to the CoreTrustSeal position paper and TRUST principles (5 minutes) - Lisa Johnston, University of Minnesota

    3. Discussion time (15 minutes)

  4. Efforts to engender certification of data repositories

    1. Successes and challenges of efforts from AGU’s Enabling FAIR Data project (5 minutes) - Rebecca Koskela, RDA/US

    2. Discussion time (15 minutes)

  5. Next steps and closure (5 minutes)

Target Audience: 

Data repositories managers, science publishers, research funders, researchers

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Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

Convened in 2014, this RDA Interest Group aims to deliver a comprehensive and inclusive overview, as well as the necessary recommendations and requirements that enables the effective implementation, of certification of digital repositories on national, European, and even global levels. It continues to provide a forum for discussion of repository certification principles and, partially through creation of Working Groups, to facilitate the development of principles and practices in the area of repository certification.

Short Group Status: 

This Interest Group has been in existence since the 3rd Plenary Meeting held in March 2014 in Dublin. One its primary achievements has been to act as the umbrella of two joint RDA Working Groups:

  • Repository Audit and Certification DSA–WDS Partnership WG

  • WDS/RDA Assessment of Data Fitness for Use WG

The IG was initially Co-chaired by Ingrid Dillo and Michael Diepenbroek. Garry Baker, Rorie Edmunds, Dawei Lin, and Jonathan Petters then took on the role of Chairs at the start of 2019. The new Co-chairs have hosted breakout sessions at P13 and P14, with the major foci thus far being to introduce the concept of the TRUST Principles that are expected to become an RDA supporting output, and also the issues faced by non-domain repositories in becoming acknowledged as trustworthy components of global research data infrastructure.

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Informative meeting
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TBD; the co-chairs will solicit for presentations from a diverse range of speakers