A taste of FAIR updates, implementations, and trainings for research libraries

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04 Aug 2020
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A recent article by Barend Mons in Nature advocated to invest 5% of research funds in ensuring data are reusable and identifies FAIR efforts as a way forward. In a relatively short period of time, the FAIR Principles have risen to an important aspect of research services for libraries to support. In this session, we will hear from a number of FAIR efforts from implementations to training programs and provide time for discussion on how FAIR can be/is applied in your community. We will also provide updates on Libraries for Research Data activities, hear from community members, with special focus on Latin American/South American libraries, and open the floor to community suggestions on topics for the Group moving forward.


The session will provide:

  • Update on projects led by the group  and invite members to provide feedback on the projects and adoption of outputs

  • Update the group on recent important developments in research data management 

    • Special focus on developments in libraries in Latin America 

  • Allow group members to shape the scope and direction of the future work of the group


Meeting agenda: 


Collaborate Notes Link:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FraKl9Nppney5gxhqhMmkKe1E_un2ioYG0qt...


  • Introduction 

  • Group status update

    • Changes in co-chairs and an introduction to the new co-chair (election foreseen before P16)

    • Updates on group activities (and related IGs)

  • Presentations about topical library issues and discussions 

    • Metadata for Machines/FAIR Implementation Profiles - Kristina Hettne

    • A perspective on implementing FAIR in Latin American countries - Wouter Schallier

    • GO FAIR US - Christine Kirkpatrick, Chris Erdmann, Melissa Cragin, Juliane Schneider (lightning talk) 

    • Library Carpentry FAIR lesson sprint - Kristina Hettne, Liz Stokes, Chris Erdmann (lightning talk)

    • FAIR Data Training 101 - Natasha Simons, Liz Stokes (lightning talk)

    • FAIRsFAIR’s transition support programme for repositories - Joy Davidson (lightning talk)

    • Interdisciplinary and Highly Collaborative Research - Inna Kouper (lightning talk)

    • FAIR Active Data Management - Sara King (lightning talk)

  • Group discussion 

    • Suggestions for new projects and initiatives (discussion & polls)

  • Closing remarks

Target Audience: 

Librarians, Data Professionals, Archivists, Publishers, Research Support Staff, Researchers

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Research Data have become a primary research asset that often requires continued access in the dynamic environment of mobile researchers, volatile repositories, transient products and short-lived standards. Libraries have looked after written research assets for centuries and now tackle the challenge of adapting their function to making data reliably accessible and re-usable.

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Recognised & Endorsed

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Informative meeting
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