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04 Aug 2020
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The VSSIG is a unique platform for international Semantic Web experts to address key issues in this field and to share tips and tricks as well as ongoing activities. One of the hot discussion topics within the group is about FAIR Semantics—that is, how to make semantic artifacts (ontologies, controlled vocabularies, thesauri, glossaries...) understandable by both humans and machines. Several initiatives were started following the last plenary session. In this session, we invite active VSSIG members and external metadata experts, information scientists, Ontologists and Knowledge Engineers to present related ongoing activities within the group and outside the VSSIG. 

This session is organised in three parts:
1- an introductory set of short presentations of ongoing and new activities within the VSSIG

2- a lightning talk session during which we invite VSSIG participants, relevant RDA IG/WG as well as external initiatives to present their work on semantics and semantic interoperability.

3- a discussion session regarding the FAIR Semantics recommendations and how they could be used for assessing the FAIRness of Semantic Artefacts.

Meeting agenda: 


Collaborative Notes Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XiNIYU6cr5NobLF6ZAZp-RUdHUACAJqKeAcs...


Part 1: Ongoing VSSIG activities (30’)

  • 5 ‘ i-ADOPT

  • 5’ Ontology Metadata TG

  • 5’ FAIR Semantics for repositories TG

  • 5’ Selecting terms and ontology TG

  • 10’ Questions 

Community Training tip: 1 slide/1 topic - TBD


Part 2: Lightning talks (25’) - 4-5 lightning talks about related initiatives (OntoPortal, VocPrez, ESIP...) - Speakers and topics to be confirmed


Community Training tip: 1 slide/1 topic - TBD


Part 3: Discussion:  How could we use the FAIR Semantics recommendations to evaluate the FAIRness of Semantic artefact? Which tools for evaluating FAIRness could be used? (25’)


Latest News on Semantics (5’)

Target Audience: 

Experts and interested practitioners in

  • Metadata 

  • Information science

  • Ontology and Knowledge Engineering

  • Data service architectures

For this plenary, we are targeting members interested in the latest updates about FAIR ontologies, which includes team members from many of the Task Groups. We will offer directions for those who wish to contribute an update, so that all the updates can be assembled into a snapshot of state-of-the-art progress in this area.

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The aim of the VSSIG is to provide a platform to discuss and investigate ways to advance and harmonize practices in the design and the publication of semantic artifacts (i.e. controlled vocabularies, thesauri, ontologies,...). The VSSIG is currently composed of 10 task groups focusing on various aspects of ontologies and ontology services (ontology metadata, governance, ontology mappings, semantic service API interoperability,...).

Short Group Status: 

The group has 182 members, many of them participating via Task Groups organized in Slack channels. At least one Task Group has formed an RDA Working Group. Activity in each Task Group, as reflected by messages on each Slack channel, varies according to the needs and interests of the members of the channel; some channels are very low traffic for long periods. Nonetheless, the group’s membership continues to grow rapidly. 

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Informative meeting
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