Defining and classifying Global Open Research Commons to promote alignment and collaboration

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30 Jul 2020
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Meeting objectives: 

The main objective of this session is to solicit feedback on work to date and identify possible Working Group activities. The first two planned activities of the Interest Group are to: 

  • Build consensus and alignment around the description/vision of a Commons.

  • Define and validate a typology of Open Science Commons to provide a framework to make infrastructures more interoperable thereby resolving societal challenges at a global scale

We are currently proposing a generic description of Open Research Commons based on the definitions and values on which each of our organisations is constituted. In addition, we are analysing the service component diagrams from each of our initiatives to identify common elements that can be used to propose a typology. The outputs from this work will be shared in advance of the plenary and short presentations will be recorded so the session can focus on community feedback.

In addition to this, the meeting will also cover brainstorming on potential topics for Working Groups and a roadmap for activities for the Interest Group as a whole. One proposal for a benchmarking Working Group is already being formulated. The typology will present the core components of a Commons so may offer other ideas of potential Working Groups e.g. service catalogues. We will also proactively seek alignements with existing IG/WGs.

A BoF session on benchmarking Global Open Research Commons will be submitted so we would appreciate our sessions running concurrently and not clashing.

Meeting agenda: 


Collaborative Notes Link:


Introduction to a definition of an Open Research Commons and the typology (10 mins)

  • A short overview of our proposals with background context on how they were reached. A longer pre-recorded explanation will also be available online in advance.


Facilitated discussion on the definition (20 mins)

  • A mentimeter session with guided questions to validate the core elements of the definition proposed


Facilitated discussion on the typology (40 mins)

  • A mentimeter session with guided questions to validate the core elements of the typology proposed


Where next with Working Groups (20 mins)

  • A guided discussion to identify concrete use cases for implementation and who will work on these

  • Introduction to BoF on Benchmarking

Target Audience: 

anyone interested in global data sharing and interoperability across platforms

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The Global Open Research Commons IG and associated WGs will coordinate global activity on the development of Open Science platforms such as the EOSC and ARDC. The Interest Group will hold the overall mission and define key activities for development through working groups. It will also socialise the community to the concept and value of such work. The first working group will define a typology for data commons and identify a few areas where we can productively work together in short projects.


Short Group Status: 

An initial Interest Group meeting was held at P14 in Helsinki. There were plans to build on this at Plenary 15 in Melbourne, but when this was cancelled work stalled due to the challenges of COVID-19 and competing commitments by the co-chairs. In the interim, initiatives such as EOSC and ARDC have matured and advanced the definitions of their core elements and operating methods. This provides new inputs to actively re-engage with the Interest Group and provide initial outputs in advance of P16.


Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
Meeting presenters: 
Sarah Jones, Andrew Treloar, Karen Payne